Another Secret Told

Another Secret Told


Another Secret Told is a combination of melodic riffs, breakdowns, howling vocals and drum beats tighter than a coffin. They create an epic sound that the only word they can find for it is Epicore. You want to run into battle after hearing these guys play.


Another Secret Told has been playing shows in the Baltimore/Washington area for almost two years now and are coming close to releasing their first EP, Beneath the Veneer. With influences like As I Lay Dying, Thrice, The Bled, Haste the Day and the Devil Wears Prada, they've focused their sound to something heavy, but melodic, that just the sound carrys a certain power to inspire. Their unique style is created a balance of breakdowns, spider-web riffs, pretty parts, screaming and singing. It was only after recording their EP at Seventh Wave Studios with producer Jason Rubal and Sound Engineer Sean Hayden that they really were able to portray the sound they wanted to have.


Summer Frigid Rain

Written By: Brandon Gast

Send in the search party
Send in the rescue team
No ones coming home tonight
No ones making it out of here alive

I'll follow you into oblivion
With force we'll storm out of the gates
We'll ride the warpath
We'll find redemption
We'll fight till its victory we taste

The ground's covered in a glossy red coating
Your brothers fall to the endless swarm
The ground's covered in the blood you've shed
The life you sacrificed, it will be avenged

No ones coming home tonight

The hunters have found us
But they will quickly become the hunted
We set out on a pilgrimage to kill
We are merciless
This is the flame burning out
for you and I.

My blade will bathe in crimson tonight

Our scars have disappeared
Our wounds have healed themselves
So much for the final battle
The devil works in mysterious ways
Keeping us alive to fight another day
No one will return
This is the flame burning out for you and I.


Written By: Brandon Gast

I stand tall aboard this vessel
Watching the sharp and icy waves
Circle us like sharks
Right before the kill
The captains eyes fill with fear
As the storm approaches
Yet we continue to push on through this weather
Hoping for the best
We'll raise the sails
And push on through

Avast, foul waters!
Neptune's wrath has worn us down
We are but men
Caught in the worst of predicaments

We traveled north
Against the current
This cursed voyage has left us beaten
But just ahead the sky opened up
And it appeared that we were saved...
But overhead
The eye of the storm watched intently

Laughing to itself at our early celebration
Waiting just a little longer
To send the rain crashing down
Then the beast reemerged
Sending us all to a sailors grave

We're marooned on the ship for life
So we'll splice the mainbrace one more time
As we accept our fate
Nothing can save us now
For the end is very near my friend, very near indeed
One more look through the eyeglass
And you'll see what i mean

If theres any survivors come morning

See you at the bottom of the ocean

Lady Luck's A Hooker

Written By: Brandon Gast

As the sun sets
My mind paints nightmares
On the skies evening canvas
Keeping me awake
Until the sunrise chases the shadows away
Reminding me of what
We used to call a memory
But the voices keep coming back

I must drown out their voices
I must drown them out

What if we could never speak again
Nothing is as it seems
All I can hear are these voices
Laughing at me
I'll fight the paranoia
Thats left me in the corner
Begging for my life

As I'm drifting off to sleep
The peaceful thoughts
That used to await me
Now belong to frightful visions
I'm awoken from my slumber
By the sound of their voices
Calling out my name

My dream
Was a vivid picture
Of what the future held
If I keep listening

Cast these voices
Into the darkness

I'll do anything to keep me awake
Anything to keep me alive
Anything to save me from
The receiving end
Of their cross-hairs
The arrow pierces deep
And I can barely breath
Slowly Killing Me
The arrow pierces deep
and I can't even breathe
Without their presence
Surrounding me

No more sound


Beneath the Veneer EP

Set List

Normally half hour sets and we will fit in six to seven songs. Depending on how much time we want to be able to breathe.

Summer Frigid Rain
A Glance At What's to Come
I Shoulda' Broke Your Thumbs
Call Dad About the Rambo Knife
Lady Luck's A Hooker

No Covers.