Another Tragedy
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Another Tragedy

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States | SELF

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States | SELF
Band Rock Metal


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"It rips (review of "Broken- PC")"

"You sound like a GREAT heavy band-that's who you sound like. Very intense singing. I believe every word coming out of the singers mouth. The production-The drums sound great. That's never easy to do w/ out a million dollar budget. Very cool, you sound like Peter Gabriel in the breakdown. I love the mellow middle part. Great Work!"
Reviewed by: Brokeonmonday -

"The heaviness is the ‘Beauty’ of it all"

In the world of popular music, we don’t live in a perfect ‘world,’ but a quartet from Cincinnati can literally set an example of what hard rock ‘IS’ these days. Technical, aggressive, melodic, punchy, and melodic, Another Tragedy’s musical stance is based upon the riffage & the songs, where they flex their melodic muscles without boundaries.

It’s like you take a less ‘doomy’ Tool, early Alice in Chains, Soundgarden’s Louder than Love album, Spiritual Beggars, as well as Pain of Salvation and you have The Beauty of Suffering. Tracks such as “Broken,” “Nothing Left,” and “Nowhere Anthem” are the songs that lead the proficient headway for the more aggressive side to the album; but it’s with “ “Cold Space,” the semi-acoustic “Headcase,” and the balladry of “The Healing” where the record takes a more emotional stance; but by no means is this ‘emo.’

The production quality is clean, bringing out the best in the band, especially considering that the guitars are highly crunch laden and the instrumentation is layered at times; no muddiness here. In the end, the album could be seen as provoking a new sense of hard rock in the world of music; sure there might be some mainstream connotations involved, but in the FUSE/SQUIZZ scheme of things. Hey the world need guys like this to show how a real solo/riff is played, how a real song is written, and how to put some balls back into the world of rock music, so get out of the way folks, Another Tragedy is leading the way.

- Tommy Hash - Ytsejam - Tommy Hash

"Soldier Magazine"

"THIS is a superb hard rock album..."

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"Faith In Rock"

"...if your faith in rock and metal has been shaken recently, this is truly more than enough to reconfirm it."

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"...Truly Great..."

"Occasionally you hope a band will get to make a second album, not because they blow your socks off on first listen, but because you detect a few inspired moments that suggest they might just develope into something truly great. Ohio's Another Tragedy is undoubtedly one of those bands..."

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" Awards"

For the song "Broken (PC)"
Best Male Vocals in Modern Rock
Best Guitars in Modern Rock
Best Drums in Modern Rock
Best Production in Modern Rock
Best Beat in Modern Rock
Rocking Track in Modern Rock

"Right on!(review of "Broken- PC")"


For the song "Broken (PC)"
Best Male Vocals in Modern Rock
Best Guitars in Modern Rock
Best Drums in Modern Rock
Best Production in Modern Rock
Best Beat in Modern Rock
Rocking Track in Modern Rock

"Very unique intro, I like the way it pans left to right and then dissolves right before it comes back and kicks you in the teeth. Also a really powerful mix with big drums, this is a really strong track. I love the bridge about 2:40 into the track, nice build back. Singer has a very believable scream. Not sure who you sound like, but that's a good thing, I always hate to hear you sound just like..."

- DRUMS4U from Waxahachie, Texas

"Driving (review of "Broken- PC")"

"Now, that's some screaming. Modern rock power ballad, consisting of heavy scratchy gruff male vocals, driving energetic performance, guitars that kick you in the gut, and a pulsing driving beat.
The levels on this bad boy stay at 10."

- Garystrange, St. Louis, MO


Debut album, "The Beauty of Suffering" (2006) - © 2006 Fine Art Music BMI ; Zebra 3 Records
"Lost Among Dreams" (2012) © 2012 Another Tragedy Music BMI ; Rook House Recording



A heavy-modern band based near Cincinnati Ohio comprised of dedicated, passionate, and dysfunctional musicians that each bring their own unique voice to the table.

Their music contains color and dynamics that are so often overlooked by many of todays heavier bands. They communicate to the listener through their powerful and emotional live show, taking the audience on a dramatic journey through dark soaring melodies, complex harmonies, crushing riffs and intriguing rhythmic and timing displays.

AT draws influence from any and all styles of music, and artistic expression. Their sound has been described as a hybrid of modern rock acts such as; A Perfect Circle, Sevendust, The Foo Fighters, and Tool melded with the bombast, rawness, and groove of classic bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Deep Purple.

Their mission is to breathe life into a beautiful monstrous creation that will creep into your mind and soul and never leave you, and to leave you never the same. They strive to give to you all of the things that music has given to them. Songwriting, musicianship, musical integrity, showmanship, and artistic and technical experimentation are all paramount, and equal.

Another Tragedy has been creating and performing music for eight years, building a strong base of dedicated fans from their home town of Cincinnati, throughout Europe, and as far away as Thailand.
They have been seen performing with great bands like Blue Oyster Cult, Kings X, Theory of a dead man, Winger, Seven Mary Three and many great others.

AT has been featured in many major music magazines including Kerrang, Rock Sound, and Metal Hammer. Classic Rock magazine also released an article and a CD around the world featuring the song "The Healing" from the bands Freshman album "The Beauty of Suffering".

The band has also been featured by many great local media groups such as WEBN Budwiser True Music. The video for "Broken was featured on XLTV on the UPN network. They have also been seen performing live on the local music TV show's City Night's and Indy By Choice.

This year will bring forth the most promising venture from AT yet, the release of their brand new album. "Lost Among Dreams" is a multifaceted endeavor that seamlessly weaves a rich sonic tapestry with the raw primitive swagger of rock-n-roll, an unforgettable melodic magnetism and pop sensibility, combined with the spirit of venturesome experimentation and the precision of progressive music.