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Richmond, Virginia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Richmond, Virginia, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo Pop Electronic




"Anousheh Unleashes Glorious New Single, "Bones""

Today we announce the arrival of ANOUSHEH’s new single, “Bones”, which is the most infectious track you will hear this fall. The Grammy-nominated songstress is back in the spotlight again with a sound that is sonically alluring and lusciously appealing. Anousheh shines through on the piece as her stunning and haunting vocals are swirled around melodious instrumentation and enchanting elements.

Anousheh breaks the barriers of modern day indie-electropop and sets forth a song that will literally have you feeling the music in your bones. Known for her epic melodies, Anousheh has crafted a song that will linger in your ears and set up a home in your heart. Her ambitious musicianship takes center stage as we witness her steady rise to the top.

Anousheh’s “Bones” is out today… and is a highly recommended treat for your ears.

-Louise Parker // Contributor - Paste Magazine

"Track of the Day"

Name: Anousheh
Track name: Hold You
Hometown: Richmond, Virginia.
Who? Deep Dish collaborator Anousheh Khalili.
Why now? Here’s the UK premiere of the singer-songwriter’s video for new single Hold You. It’s taken from Anousheh’s – who topped US charts on Deep Dish’s Say Hello – new album Make Noise, which is released on 10 February. UK live dates are set to be announced soon.
Hear more: - Q Magazine

"Debut- Anousheh "Bones""

Richmond, Virginia’s Grammy-nominated electro-pop sensation Anousheh is back with another stunning track for our eagerly awaiting ears. “Bones” is equal parts intense dance track and mellow vibe background music. And we mean that in the best of ways, as we can easily see this song being today’s soundtrack. The vocals are haunting in places, beautiful and badass in their delivery. Once again, Anousheh has proven that she has the insane ability to create work that stands out, and is catchy enough that it will stick with you for a while. - Impose Magazine

"Anousheh "Bones" Single"

Electro-Pop artist ANOUSHEH has just launched her latest, buzz-worthy single, “Bones.” ANOUSHEH’s fresh style combines Pop sensibilities that offers a unique, and slightly nostalgic sound for your ears. The songstress has been garnering the praise of fans and critics alike who can’t get enough of her hypnotic vocals and captivating instrumentation.

Anousheh is known for her epic melodies, and the Grammy-nominated songwriter has captivated audiences both overseas and in her hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Drawing early influences from some of her 90’s music idols like Tori Amos, Bjork, and Radiohead, her songwriting style has always been rooted in introspection and metaphor. As an adult, Anousheh’s love of pop music, hip hop and indie rock has focused her songwriting into hook-driven, thoughtful pop songs– and in line with artists like Tove Lo, Ellie Goulding and Halsey. - Skope Magazine

"Anousheh Makes Us Feel The Music"

Electro-Pop Goddess Anousheh shares a charming new track named “Bones,” with the world, and boy are we glad that she has! The Grammy-nominated artist brings a lively game changer to the table as she showcases a vibrant and breathtaking track that will sweep you off of your feet. Throughout the song we hear an artist on the rise as she takes the reins with the budding instrumentation and lyricism. Anousheh certainly has us feeling this track, in our “Bones,”….. - Buzzfeed

"Anousheh "Bones""

Electro queen Anousheh brings us a new track titled Bones that will instantly get stuck in your head. With its captivating soundscape, melody and vocal line, let’s say..I love it, and others do too.

A slew of music blogs have come aboard giving the track rave reviews with Paste Magazine, calling “Bones” the “most infectious track you’ll hear this Fall”.

“This song came together fairly quickly on my end” says Anousheh. I recorded a really flimsy demo using a Logic drumbeat and a cheesy bass and strings combo- just to get the basic bassline and melodies down. Then I sent it to my collaborator/producer. He replaced certain things, added others. We just emailed the tracks back and forth until it was finished. Hooray for technology!”

The songstress is no stranger to success. She topped the UK pop charts while the track Say Hello was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Dance Recording category. This could be another year of Anousheh!! - Kings of A&R

"Anousheh- "Bones""

Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, Grammy-nominated songstress Anousheh (Khalili) makes a welcome return today with the unveiling of her long-awaited new single called "Bones", which, with the exception of "Crash", serves as the first piece of original music she's shared since her album Make Noise was released last year. "Bones" is easily one of the most compelling electro-pop gems we've heard in quite a while and her vocal delivery has never been more stunning as she sings "I've got a fever in bones, I've got a fire burning in my soul, it's like I'm blowing up from the inside, like a tidal wave, can't fight." - Wonky Sensitive

"RVA's Anousheh drops hints of new electro-pop record with first single "Bones""

RVA artist Anousheh continues to push the boundaries of her sound with a new electro-pop single off a yet-to-be-released EP.

Anousheh has made headlines here in RVA for some time, earning a Grammy nom a number of years back for a team up with DC-based DJs Sharam and Ali "Dubfire." While the electro sound was new for the artist, she continued a more indie-singer/songwriter path for a bit. But over the summer she teamed back up with Sharam and that influence seemed to stick on the new track, "Bones." Check it out below:

"Bones" was recorded and produced here in RVA with help from Josh Quarles. While this is Quarles first real entry into electro pop, his work with bands like Positive No have helped build his pop sensibility. Either way, Anousheh said the track represents a double down on the new sound she's aiming for.

"I am having a lot of fun exploring songs that still retain my attention to lyrics while also providing some serious pop sensibility and have a strong hook," she said.

Thematically, she hopes the new EP, which is currently in production, will show "the many sides of human love."

"'Bones' is a song that explores the fine line between admiration and envy and the passion and love required for both emotions," she said.

And as much as we're enjoying the track, she's been getting love from hipster press around the country as well.

Paste Magazine called it "the most infectious track you will hear this fall" and the folks at Impose echoed similar praise saying she "has the insane ability to create work that stands out, and is catchy enough that it will stick with you for a while."

Keep up with Anousheh on facebook here and make sure to catch here when she takes the stage at the Broadberry alongside My Darling Fury, Sean Barna and Kenneka Cook on Nov 26th.

Words by Brad Kutner - RVA Magazine

"Anousheh Shares Charming Single, "Bones""

Anousheh brings her new single to life, "Bones," with spectacular and juicy beats for your ears. The melodies and harmonies fill the space as it brings the intensity of her music to a whole new level. Anousheh's voice is infectious as it springs to life with an echoing music sensation that brings the depth of her music to center stage. Her eclectic sound takes tones to new heights that I didn't even know existed, and I love it. Get acquainted with Anousheh.... - Ethnocloud


By nature, people like to plan. We plan vacations months in advance, we plan for the future, and we also plan our dinners. People plan what they are going to say if certain events happen. For instance, if you are attending a party and your crush will be there as well, you might plan a way to ‘accidentally’ bump into him or her and what you will say when it happens. In her new single “Get to You,” Grammy Award Nominee Anousheh delves into those plans even further, however, it doesn’t turn out quite like how she wanted.

I’ve got my words on file
for when my moment comes
I keep my lungs on fire
for right after the echo
that moment of silence
when I can scream out
I hope I know how

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering Anousheh’s latest single “Get to You.” The Richmond, Virginia-based singer/songwriter croons over an explosive tempo about how she needs to share her thoughts with a certain person. She is so caught up over what she needs to say and how she needs to say it that she loses track of time, and ultimately, the moment. “We all yearn for contentment and happiness– but never seem equipped to find it,” Anousheh explains. This can resonate with many of us. Society puts so much importance over social media and the image of a perfect life that people are almost forced to focus on appearances, which leads to being unhappy with who they are and where they are headed.

At night is when it’s dark enough to see
At night is when it all comes down to what’s right in front of me

There’s something in the way
Something in the way
and I can’t get to you

Anousheh has proven before that she is a master lyricist, and this performance is nothing short of spectacular. With the lyrics, “There’s something in the way, and I can’t get to you,” it shares the sentiment even more. She leaves it up to the listener to decide what is keeping her from getting to her destination. It could be as simple as a barricade of some kind, but the listener can also deliberate that it has a deeper meaning, like it is you that is in the way of confronting the other person. This is what Anousheh does extremely well, and what sets her apart from other songwriters. Her lyrics are able to relate to anyone going through any different situation.
Another stand out phrase in “Get to You” is, “At night is when it’s dark enough to see, at night is when it all comes down to what’s in front of me.” It is a timeless theme in storytelling that in the dark of the night is usually when epiphanies happen, or someone’s clearest thoughts come to them. It is also the time where the main character finds them alone, left to their own devices. This theme fits wonderfully into the plot of the song. The lyrics present the idea that during the night is when she realizes that she won’t be able to make it to her intended destination after all. It is written so well and sung so brilliantly that, when performed, sounds like the lines are almost haunting. It creates an aura around “Get to You,” and it might be the song’s most important lyrics.

“We push ourselves so hard through life, desperate to seize any number of perfect moments. We are often so caught up in motion that we are incapable of enjoying our still realities, and the people that exist in them,” Anousheh says of her newest single. “…’Get to You’ is my attempt to make sense of this in a moment of clarity. My hope is that if the melody resonates, listeners can form their own meaning in their own moment of clarity.”

If the melody resonates, listeners can form their own meaning in their own moment of clarity.
This song fits into electro-pop heaven; with the classic beats and an almost choral accent mark throughout the song, “Get to You” will be a staple on any night out in the future. The repetition of the instrumental puts a bigger emphasis on the lyrics and the meaning of the song. Anousheh’s expert singing is what hits the song home. She delivers each word with such emotion that will have the listener reliving even the smallest details of their last relationship.

I get so caught up
in the moment-making
that I can’t feel when my ground starts shaking
wake me up before I fall from grace and let you down

“Get to You” proves that Anousheh is here to stay in the electro-pop world. Time and time again she delivers songs that pair relatable messages with hard-hitting rhythms. When times are tough, let “Get to You” help guide your way through and remind you to live every moment to the fullest. - Atwood Magazine

"Listen to This: There's Something in the Way"

This is such a seductive blast from the past!!
Anousheh is taking us to the mid '80s. She's channeling Kate Bush, if she lived in Germany. And it's so intoxicating!!
Check out Get To You above! - Perez Hilton

"ANOUSHEH Releases Electro-laced 'Get To You'"

Electro-Pop artist ANOUSHEH has just launched newest buzz-worthy single, "Get To You," for your listening pleasure. ANOUSHEH's fresh style combines Pop sensibilities that offers a unique, and slightly nostalgic sound for your ears. The songstress has been garnering the praise of fans and critics alike who can't get enough of her hypnotic vocals and captivating instrumentation.


Anousheh is known for her epic melodies, and the Grammy-nominated songwriter has captivated audiences both overseas and in her hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Drawing early influences from some of her 90's music idols like Tori Amos, Bjork, and Radiohead, her songwriting style has always been rooted in introspection and metaphor. As an adult, Anousheh's love of pop music, hip hop and indie rock has focused her songwriting into hook-driven, thoughtful pop songs-- and in line with artists like Tove Lo, Ellie Goulding and Halsey.

Anousheh's new single, "Get To You" is out now. - Broadway World

"Anousheh- Get to You"

Richmond, Virginia-based and Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Anousheh (Khalili) has just recently shared yet another explosive and deeply emotive electro-pop gem called "Get To You", the follow-up to her previous single, "Bones" released back in late September.

Speaking on the track, Anousheh explains:

"We push ourselves so hard through life, desperate to seize any number of perfect moments. We are often so caught up in motion that we are incapable of enjoying our still realities, and the people that exist in them. 'Get To You' is my attempt to make sense of this in a moment of clarity. My hope is that if the melody resonates, listeners can form their own meaning in their own moment of clarity."

Listen to "Get To You" below. - Wonky Sensitive

"Anousheh Reveals New Single, "Get to You""

Steadily becoming one of the standout artists of 2016, Indie crossover aritst ANOUSHEH impresses our ears with a brand new single, "Get To You." The follow up to her charming debut "Bones," "Get To You," is a song that will have your butt out of the chair dancing. Everything and anything is fair game with Anousheh as her haunting and sultry vocals add elements of Pop in just the right places.

ANOUSHEH says of the track:

"We tumble through life, constantly chasing the next high, the next success, the next escape. We burn our energy brightly, but only have brief moments to reflect when darkness makes us still. This clarity can be fleeting. 'Get To You' captures a moment for me and makes an attempt to make it last just a little bit longer."We get it and we dig it! 2017 is already shaping up to be a banner year for the artist, who entered our ears and hearts in 2016. What will she come up with next? We are eagerly waiting to see. - Kurrent Music

"Anousheh- Get to You"

“Get to You”, is the latest track from artist Anousheh Khalili, who first rose to prominence through her Grammy-nod alongside Iranian-American compatriots Deep Dish “Say Hello”. Her latest track continues with that electronic tradition, with the flux of feathering synths warming her howling coos and gentle vocal delivery. Produced and co-arranged by Joshua Quarles, Anousheh wrote the song in a vivid and woken realization of the beauty behind her surroundings as she explains:
‘Get to You’ was written in a moment of clarity. I am guilty of not living in the moment, pushing myself from one second to the next without pausing to reflect in my own stillness. We often overlook some of the amazing things (and people) in our lives by rushing past them, unintentional self-sabotage. The song explores this realization, and simplifies it with the repetitive musing that there is 'something in the way’. My hope is that the listener can immerse themselves in the melody, and perhaps find their own moment of clarity. - At Cost Magazine

"Anousheh Unleashes "Get to You""

Indie Godess ANOUSHEH is back at it again with her glorious new single, “Get To You.” The follow up to her critically acclaimed track, “Bones,” we hear the songstress take her sound to a whole new level, as she continues on the path of Electro-Indie flair. “Get To You,” is easily one of my favorite songs to be released this year, as Anousheh continues to deliver the goods time after time. What does 2017 hold musically for Anousheh? All good things we hope! - Independent Artist Buzz

"Indie 5-0 with ANOUSHEH"

Indie Pop sensation Anousheh is as enticing as her name itself. The Grammy-nominated artist has been making traction with her newest “Bones,” which proves she in an electrical musical force on the rise. Her voice is beyond perfection with little elements of Pop-esque surprises within every listen. We had the pleasure of speaking with the world’s latest Pop-Goddess for an exclusive Indie 5-0, which you can read below.
1. First taking off with a more Pop-oriented sound, what was the reasoning behind re-inventing yourself musically?

You know, I don’t think I’ve re-invented anything as much as I’ve just grown and evolved. I’ve always had a deep love for a good, epic pop song– regardless of genre. I live for a great hook. It has to be memorable. I have just always wanted what I’m writing to be meaningful too. When I started writing music, I was stuck on the idea that there were two sides to the coin- conceptual or digestible, indie or mainstream. I really didn’t think there wasn’t much room in between. As I’ve gotten older and written more music, and experienced collaborations in multiple genres; I feel like the landscape has really changed and broadened– leaving those terms a lot more ambiguous than before. Maybe I just give less of a fuck now.

2. When it came to writing “Bones” what was the core influence for the piece, and did you write the music as well as lyrics?

The idea was sparked by a moment of super immature, self-pitying jealousy that I experienced. I am not usually a jealous person, so I was really uncomfortable in that emotional state. I started exploring of the feeling of envy - and realized that there’s a very fine line between admiration and jealousy. I’ve felt love and admiration so often, and I think that jealousy may be the same thing, just coming from a different place. Either way, I found out how damaging it can be to lose yourself in someone else.

The music for “Bones” started on my end with my keyboard– lyrics and keys with a simple drumbeat and bassline. I write all of my lyrics and melodies, and I tend to start every song structure on the piano/keyboard. The final production, however, is from the brilliant mind of producer Joshua Quarles. He and I worked together on my last album, “Make Noise”, and I think our new stuff is a natural progression from that. We are both really inspired by 80s and 90s electronic production, and I’m loving working with such epic soundscapes. We bring out good things in each other.

3. You have said to be inspired by artists such as Tori Amos to Ellie Goulding. What elements do you find in your influences, that you carry onto your own music, stylistically?

While I have so many influences that I can’t even begin to make a list, it’s true that Tori Amos was one of my first. I started playing classical piano at around age 7, so when I decided to write my own music as a teenager– Tori Amos was basically a given. She was a virtuoso classical piano player writing crazy, epically angsty songs. I was a classical piano player with epically, crazy teenaged angst. I was a HUGE fan (“toriphile” as we used to say), so I think it’s safe to say that she was a huge influence on my early songwriting style.

I also think that influence can expand beyond just the music. Both of the artists you mentioned- Tori Amos and Ellie Goulding- are people that I not only admire for their songwriting but also their careers. I think both ladies serve as shining examples that women in popular music don’t necessarily need to fit the mold of “manufactured pop star” in order make an impression. Ellie is a more recent example of someone that’s had incredible success, all while keeping her signature genre-bending style that doesn’t quite “fit” any box. Since I have always felt somewhere in-between indie and mainstream, artists like Ellie help me remember to stick to my instincts and push forward.

4. How would you say you have matured as an artist since first appearing on the Grammy-nominated track, “Say Hello” with Deep Dish and DJ Sharam?

I have matured a lot, because I had to learn a LOT. I’m so thankful for the success I had with Deep Dish, but there were also some hard lessons to be learned. When I first started working with them, I was writing and playing my own music in a very indie scene. I didn’t even listen to dance music, and frankly I had no idea who Deep Dish was when they reached out to me about singing on a track. “Flashdance” and “Say Hello” blew up pretty much overnight, so all of a sudden I was getting recognition. It was incredible, and appreciated, but at the end of the day it was for music that I didn’t normally do. I became known in a genre that I didn’t even know that much about. It was a bit surreal, and ultimately very humbling. I learned that “overnight success” is often be pure luck, and that just because it happens once doesn’t mean you get to stop trying. Gotta keep creating, keep evolving, keep trying. Always.

5. What are your main plans for early 2017, and will we see a video for “Bones”?

I’ve got a video for Bones in the works, and while I can’t confirm a release date just yet– it is happening! Otherwise, more new music is on the way from what I hope will be an EP/LP release sometime next year. I also hope to schedule lots of shows after the new year– Spring 2017. :) - Independent Artist Buzz

"Anousheh: Hold You Single Review"

Anousheh: ‘Hold You’ Single Review
The latest review is brought to you by the single ‘Hold You’ from Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Anousheh hailing from Richmond, Virginia. Anousheh made her debut worldwide recognition when she topped the US Billboard chart for her single Say Hello with American DJ duo Deep Dish. She also received a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording in 2006, being one of the breakthrough artist of the year. The video for ‘Hold You’ kicks off with a flickering of black & white, revealing the singer herself, moving into the first chorus which contrast Anousheh’s outfit against the blue background.

Lyrically, possibly reminding listeners of artists such as Little Boots and La Roux. A bit of an atmospheric feel throughout the song itself, with the subtle tones from the singer herself but also evokes emotion more so in the chorus. ‘Hold You’ is the first single released since her release of the EP The Trouble I Find. What a way to jump back into music with this song. The single is taken from the latest album Make Noise, out now.

A minute or so in shows the video emerge into a sudden colour explosion with the melody of the song being consistently mellow throughout. The track seems a little repetitive as it consists of a slow/medium tempo but this can be looked past from the amazing visuals via the video and authentiticy/vulnerability of the vocals by Anousheh. Be sure to take a listen to the track below and leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Additionally, Anousheh recently released a music video for the single ‘Lightning’, taken from her upcoming album Make Noise. Pre-order the album here on iTunes.

Rating: 4/5

Recommended if you listen to: Little Boot, La Roux and Ladyhawke - Sarah Akomanyi - UK Media Blog

"Anousheh- LTD"

Raised in Richmond, Virginia, Iranian-American singer/songwriter Anousheh Khalili, otherwise known as simply Anousheh, who is perhaps best known for contributing her vocal talent and appearing in the videos for DJ Sharam's 2011 single, "Fun" and/or Deep Dish's "Flashdance" and "Say Hello" (the latter of which was nominated for a Grammy in 2006 in the Best Dance Recording category alongside Fatboy Slim, LCD Soundsystem, Kylie Minogue, New Order and The Chemical Brothers - who ultimately won the award for "Galvanize") has recently unveiled her new single along with an accompanying music video for "LTD" (Living the Dream), which serves as the follow-up to her previously released singles, "Lightning" and Hold You" to be taken from her new album, Make Noise. The album was self-released back in February of this year and funded by a Kickstarter campaign that received a total of 167 backers and successfully raised over $16,000. Since its release, Make Noise has been well-received in the press, named as Q Magazine's Track of The Day for "Hold You", and has been featured by the likes of Get Into This UK, Headliner Magazine and C-Heads Magazine, among others. Watch the video for "LTD" below. - Wonky Sensitive

"Anousheh is About to Rock"

Anousheh is getting loud. That might come as a surprise to those who recall her 2005 debut album, “Let the Ground Know Who’s Standing on Him,” and her intimate, piano-centered shows.

“How long ago was that? Before the Internet, right?” she jokes when we meet to discuss “The Trouble I Find,” her forthcoming EP. While meant in jest, it’s been a good long while since we’ve heard something from one of the most commanding and unique voices to emerge from the River City. There’s good reason. Between albums, the 30-year-old singer has surmounted health issues and creative stalemate and emerged with a greater understanding of what it means to be an independent artist.

Things were on the rise for singer, who used to go by her full name Anousheh Khalili, a few years ago. She was not only gaining a solo following, but also poised for popularity in the dance music world. She paired with DJ outfit Deep Dish to record “Flashdance” and “Say Hello,” the latter of which snagged a Grammy nomination. “I was going to quit my retail job and go on tour,” Anousheh says. “A few months before I decided I really wanted to do that, I got really sick and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.” She needed health insurance, so she kept the job.

She avoided thinking about creative projects, instead focusing on work and everyday things such as getting married and buying a house. “I was obviously pushing some emotions down,” the singer acknowledges. “That’s how I dealt with the sickness. Logic.”

Three years passed before Anousheh sang or wrote another song of her own. She began writing again when Washington-based DJ and producer Sharam from Deep Dish offered her a recording contract. The endeavor moved her to play music again, but the record deal didn’t work out.

“Sharam and I are fine, but it was a bad time,” she says. “I was working a million part-time jobs, drained my savings. It was just a whole hot mess, so I got out of the deal.”

Free of legal bindings but all the wiser about such things, Anousheh began cutting demos in her house with Matt Morton and Marcus Shrock of local band David Shultz and the Skyline. When master guitarist Tyler Crowley joined the band a short time later and they began the arduous process of recording the EP with engineer Allen Bergendahl, she says, “Things just started to gel.”

It took two years to finish, but the payoff is incredible. Anousheh has admittedly obsessed over the songs and it shows. “There have been so many incarnations at this point, these boys probably hate me,” she says, laughing. With the help of her husband, Wil Loyal, and friend Jonathan Vassar, the songwriter has penned her best work to date. These are songs with keen pop sensibilities that never verge on ordinary and boast a distinctively modern sound, something Anousheh credits to big-time mixer Brandon Eggleston. “It’s more involved, less singer-songwriter, coffee shop,” she says. “It’s a rock record, which is what I’ve always wanted.”

Anousheh hopes the new release will put her back on the radar in Richmond. She plans to go big for the release show at Strange Matter, packing the stage to capacity with players and possibly a handful of backup singers. “I want to try and make it as big and badass as possible,” she says.

As for what’s next, she’s proceeding with caution. “This is my heart and soul, so I want to be careful with it,” she says. Getting local support ultimately determines whether the band will be able to crank out a full-length album, and while the plan is uncertain, Anousheh is pleased to finally be in control of her work, she says: “It’s hard and occasionally stressful, but I’d rather be in this position than waiting around for someone else to make things happen.” - Style Weekly


Still working on that hot first release.



Grammy-nominated Anousheh's latest electropop singles, "Bones" and "Get To You" were released in late 2016 to critical acclaim-- including rave reviews from Paste Magazine, Buzzfeed and Perez Hilton.  In collaboration with producer Joshua Quarles, they represent a culmination of Anousheh's musical influences and experiences-- her love of pop music, electronic, hip hop and indie rock has focused her songwriting into hook-driven, thoughtful pop songs along the lines of artists like Ellie Goulding, Banks and Tove Lo. 

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