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The best kept secret in music


"A Nova Prospect"

Once upon a time, there was a local punk band called 30 Twice. But, once the band's members graduated from FSU, the band suddenly disappeared, showing up only every once in a while for a show at Big Daddy's.

After a while, the name Thirty Twice became just a way to multiply and get 60. So, what ever happened to that energetic punk-rock band that had gained such a loyal following in the capitol city? Well, as many people do once they graduate, the members of Thirty Twice decided to turn over a new leaf -- changing their name and their residency. The members now live in Orlando. A Novice Prospect is their new band. But have no fear. Everything from the lineup to its late-90s-early-00s, new school punk sound is evident in the new band. Due to their local success, it's not surprising that they would want to keep the new band at least similar to Thirty Twice.

During the last couple of years, the band members have shared the stage with national acts such as Indorphine, Authority Zero, Near Miss and Sloppy Meateaters, as well as local idols such as PRESENCE and Hopesick.

By Kristen Ruggeri - Tallahassee Democrat

"A Nova Prospect moves to O-Town"

And some people think the Orlando scene sucks. Try telling that to the constant flow of bands and artists who are relocating here. One such band, A Nova Prospect, came to Orlando in 2005 seeking refuge from Tallahassee. "We had all live there for four years or so," commented guitarist Brian Riggin, "and were convinced that if we stayed we would have drank ourselves into comas and/or oblivion."

Since their transition to Orlando, the band - consisting of Riggin, vocalist Chris rewitt, guitarist Mark Scoma, drummer Josh Petit and bassist Will Pecora - recorded their six-song EP with Gridlock Studios.

A Nova Prospect is looking at a calender full of back-to-back dates all over Florida. They are determined to show off their post-punk, high-energy presentation to old and new fans and really don't take themselves that seriously, but they really are good. Already having shared the stage with bands such as Dark New Day, Authority Zero and Aiden, the band has proven to be able to hang with the big dogs.

Their lives shows are huge and the small bars they play are only stepping stones compared to the venues this band may be able to fill some day. Their punk rock sound has a very evident uniqueness, and each member's personality seeps through during their performances. It is with this individuality that A Nova Prospect hopes to prevail.

-Liz Fernandez - Connections Magazine

"A Nova Prospect in Jacksonville"

"...It's rare to go to a show these days and see a band give a performance like it was playing in an arena"

-Ian Witlen - The Spinnaker


Fall Like the Leaves Demo - 2004

1) When You Fall
2) Urgency
3) Senses Fading
4) What Its Worth
5) Wasted State

Gray Areas of Morality EP - 2006

1) Precursor to a Tragic Ending
2) Boxcar
3) Into the Hours
4) Red October
5) Picture Perfect


Feeling a bit camera shy


A Nova Prospect is a post-punk/rock outfit originally hailing from Tallahassee. After making the move to Orlando in August 2005 and then to Tampa in 2006, ANP has been working hard to attack the scene with the same intensity and determination as they had in Tallahassee. With help from producers Brett Hestla (lead singer of Virgos Merlot and ex-touring bassist for Creed, around the My Sacrifice times, and more recently the lead singer for Dark.New.Day) and Justin Thomas at Gridlock Studios in Orlando, ANP has recorded a 6 song EP which is available for sale at their shows, with anticipations of a full length by the end of summer. With influences including AFI, Bad Religion, Alkaline Trio, Lagwagon and even Dave Matthews, their unique fuse of punk and rock transfers into high energy shows with melodic, heart-felt tunes. Having shared the stage with many great bands such as Dark.New.Day, dManufacture, Indorphine, Authority Zero, A Wilhelm Scream, Aiden, Shadow Agency, Near Miss, Red Lipstick Letter, Sloppy Meateaters, Sunday Driver and Whole Wheat Bread; not to mention a slew of hometown heros such as Presence and Hopesick, the boys were able to reach new audiences and pick up a few fans. Whether on the road, or here in town, you can catch ANP playing every stage as if they were in an Arena, putting their all into every performance. By constantly writing new material, you can expect to hear at least one new song per show. "Our mission is to blur the lines between punk/rock/emo/hxc/indie in order to reach a vast audience and recapture the notion of a united music scene." - a nova prospect