A Nova Prospect

A Nova Prospect


A harmonious blend of melody and melancholy. Crunching guitars and hard-hitting drums set the beautifully dark back drop where tales of despair, dismay, and revenge come to life. Couple this with an captivating, high-energy live show, and you have... A Nova Prospect.


A Nova Prospect is a post-punk/rock outfit originally hailing from Tallahassee. After making the move to Orlando in August 2005 and then to Tampa in 2006, ANP has been working hard to attack the scene with the same intensity and determination as they had in Tallahassee. With help from producers Brett Hestla (lead singer of Virgos Merlot and ex-touring bassist for Creed, around the My Sacrifice times, and more recently the lead singer for Dark.New.Day) and Justin Thomas at Gridlock Studios in Orlando, ANP has recorded a 6 song EP which is available for sale at their shows, with anticipations of a full length by the end of summer. With influences including AFI, Bad Religion, Alkaline Trio, Lagwagon and even Dave Matthews, their unique fuse of punk and rock transfers into high energy shows with melodic, heart-felt tunes. Having shared the stage with many great bands such as Dark.New.Day, dManufacture, Indorphine, Authority Zero, A Wilhelm Scream, Aiden, Shadow Agency, Near Miss, Red Lipstick Letter, Sloppy Meateaters, Sunday Driver and Whole Wheat Bread; not to mention a slew of hometown heros such as Presence and Hopesick, the boys were able to reach new audiences and pick up a few fans. Whether on the road, or here in town, you can catch ANP playing every stage as if they were in an Arena, putting their all into every performance. By constantly writing new material, you can expect to hear at least one new song per show. "Our mission is to blur the lines between punk/rock/emo/hxc/indie in order to reach a vast audience and recapture the notion of a united music scene." - a nova prospect


Precursor to a Tragic Ending

Written By: A Nova Prospect

Jump in, sell me down the river.
[I’ve] abandoned my hopes of shore.
I have accepted this position, and I don’t know what I’m in for.
Precursor to a tragic ending, but I found you out.
Foreshadow events we’re drowning towards, and I pulled you…

Down with me and into the abyss we sink.

You jumped in head first, but did you even think to test the water
Before we took the plunge? Was it hard to let go or did you let the
Water pull you under?

The water’s cold tonight, colder than it’s ever been.
The water’s dark tonight, what lies beneath the surface?
Open up the blinds and let the rain pour in, honestly I’m exhausted
And my business here ceased to exist.

Since you took my…
Life from me and far below the
surface we’ll stay.


Honestly, you brought this violence upon me.
Open the blinds, and wash us all away.


You took my life from me, tonight.


Written By: A Nova Prospect

Right on time, the trains pass by.
I’m picking out each rail-road tie,
As the boxcars rage across the night.

My walls are shaking, I don’t know why
The ceiling stares, they shut their eyes,
The static screen [is] a lullaby.

A distant buzz, wind through the leaves
Dreamless nights conquer me.
Constellations drowned by the lights down on the city.


Alone again throughout the night,
Counting light as cars pass by,
I hope you’re fine, where am I?
I’m not alright.


The ceiling stares, they shut their eyes.

Red October

Written By: A Nova Prospect

Good night, as the stars awake on high.
Drops of dew reflect a dawn that I’ll be missing.
I trust you will not worry for we knew that this would come,
And I beg you not to wait too long, a life must carry on.
I must view this red October sky from afar.
Keep me focused on waiting until the death of December comes.

Can you feel this? The part of you that dies with me,
The winter wind across your face. The sun hides as the night devours us whole.

I trust you will not worry,
And I beg you not to wait too long.

Last night I saw a fire in the sky I haven’t seen in so long,
I fell to my knees.
I heard them laughing in the shadows, and I followed their lead.


Keep your arms outstretched to collect the falling flakes of frost;
And when you taste the cold, I want you to think of this.



Fall Like the Leaves Demo - 2004

1) When You Fall
2) Urgency
3) Senses Fading
4) What Its Worth
5) Wasted State

Gray Areas of Morality EP - 2006

1) Precursor to a Tragic Ending
2) Boxcar
3) Into the Hours
4) Red October
5) Picture Perfect

Set List

Typical 45 min set:

1) Boxcar
2) Into the Hours
3) Red October
4) Precursor to a Tragic Ending
5) Through the Air
6) Life
7) Trials in Smoke
8) Picture Perfect