A Novel Form

A Novel Form


Four level headed guys making music from the depths of their hearts. A great Indie rock sound to be enjoyed while living your life, the best Indie rock show in Colorado one to melt your heart and give you goosebumps.


A Novel Form Bio         

    With most of today’s rock music dissolving into an undifferentiated signal of heavy distortion and tired pop formulas, it takes something unusual to inspire music fans. When something original comes along, it’s sure to get noticed. That’s why the word has been spreading about A Novel Form’s unique sound.
            Since the band’s inception in February 2005, its members have set out to create meaningful, quality music with real emotion behind it. Refusing to settle for the ordinary, the foursome developed a new style characterized by tight, intricate melodies, pretty vocals, and unusual rhythms.
            It didn’t take long for people to take notice. Their frequent shows have quickly made them local heroes, and online fans from across the country as well as Europe and Japan have begged them to come play their cities. The band has captured the interest of several national acts including Thursday, The Honorary Title, The Format, and Kind of Like Spitting.
            In December 2005, A Novel Form celebrated the release of its anticipated debut EP, Pictures. After months of careful scrutinizing in the studio, the band delivered the album into the hands of excited fans and reviewers. J. Adrian Stanley of The Gazette described its net effect as “fluttering sonic waves that leave you feeling lovesick and prone to daydreaming.” In February, the album was already getting heavy play on college radio stations throughout America. In the words of reviewer Kara Luger, Pictures is “a small snippet of great things to come.”
            Currently, A Novel Form is in the process of planning tours in support of Pictures and New Material. In the meantime, they will continue to write new music and play shows. Listen in and find out what all the buzz is about.

Other Info:
-"Pictures E.P" recently licensed by MTV

- Members of ASCAP

- Licensing deal with Noma (CA) for use in indie films, major films and television

- Played over 35 shows last year

- Sold over 800 CDs since its' release date in December

- Demo requested by The Militia Group and Drive-Thru records

- Highly suggested by Gabe Saporta of Midtown and Geoff Rickley of Thursday

- Tour ready with van and trailer

- Nominated for "Best popular music" by Pikes Peak Performing Arts Committee 2006


Pictures EP (2005)
1. Four Times Really Means Something
2. Can You Say Lovely?
3. Pictures
4. Plum and Meridian
5. Dead Reckoning
Avalible on Itunes and Purevolume.com

Untitled Demo (2006)
1. Kiss and Tell
2. Fake it Face it
Avalible on Purevolume.com and Myspace

Set List

Typical setlist
1. Kiss and Tell
2. Pictures
3. Wisdom Teeth
4. Rock Bottom
5. Fake it Face It
6. Ambient
7. Plum and Meridian
8. Four Times Really Means Something
9. Team Kill
10. New 1
Duration (35-40 minutes)