Anovia Cook

Anovia Cook


My name is Anovia Cook and im asume and i just want to share my asumeness with the world. But seriously i just love music and sing.I ve been enterning friends and family all my life .Now its time to share my God given talent with the world.


I m born and raised in Savannah GA married with two kids. My father always tried to get me to persue singing when i was younger but i was to afraid of regection. One day I wrote my husband a song and recorded for him as a welcome home present from Iraq. He loved and turned it into a ring tone. Everyone who heres it loves and dont even believe it was me.So i guess thats a complemete casue they think its so good. Thats when my husband suggest that I stop wasteing this gift and us it.


I only have that on song recorded,the one i made for my husband but i have written many others i just need help getting them down on wax.

Set List

Well if you consider doing praise and worship at church a set i usually sing two to three songs what ever is on my heart at the time and depending on the crowd could last 20 to 60 mins