BandHip Hop

Pure uncompromising Hip Hop. No Punches pulled. No Gimmicks. Just a Person with a lot of shit to Say.


AnP is just straight up raw, Down to the point Hip Hop.
I don't do this for anyone but Myself, I just got tired of Hearing a lot of wack Shit and started making Music to satisfy Myself.
My Influences range from Krs- One and Rakim, To Slayer and Entombed.
I just like making honest aggressive Music.


The Metabolic Chronicles is out right now, You can Purchase it through My Myspace Profile
The Metabolic Chronicles Vol.2 "The Super's Son" is about to be released as well.
I'm completely done Writing and I'm about to Record The Metabolic Chronicles Vol 3 "Rise Of The Baphomet". I'm about six Songs deep into The Metabolic Chronicles Vol.4 "He Is Legend".
I'm also working on My second Group's debut Album "The Banana Brothers", With G-Notez.
I also completed an Album with My first Group The Last Of The Po'Ricans(Me and Jon The Baptist).
For samples of Songs from My first 2 Albums check out My Myspace Profile

Set List

I usually do a 15 Minute set but I have enough Material to go waaaay over that.
I've been dying to do a set longer than Half an Hour.