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"Respect Our House"

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a private instore performance for this release on Sunday. I went into it expecting it to be just like every other instore I have been too, I was wrong. A&R is an extremely gifted entertainer/planner. He had a live drummer and violin player on hand to assist him and mid performance, during an instrumental break, Antonio painted a picture. I was extremely impressed with this artists performance and all the thought and energy he and his team (extra shoutout to Erin Moriarty follow her) put into an instore performance at Studiiyo23, a shoe boutique in Minneapolis. I had the opportunity to moderate a Q&A session with the audience after his performance and we will have footage of that coming very soon. For now, I encourage you to take a listen to A&R‘s latest project, Cool Is Where I Live, and get to know this artist at his website ionlygetbetter.com, this dude is determined to blow up and to be honest with you, with all the talent he possesses, I don’t think he will have very long to wait. - Hip Hop Lives Online

"Independent Artist "A&R" keeps it COOL: If you didn't know, you betta ask somebody!"

When first listening to a mixtape or album, the first song says a lot to me. It says either I will continue to listen to this album, or I call it straight garbage and then I'm back to watching Cartoon Network. I downloaded Hip Hop Artist, A&R's "Cool is Where I Live" Mixtape, and I knew right off the back he was worth doing an article on. His song "Greatness", which is the first track off of the mixtape and starts off with a Muhammad Ali quote, grasped my attention in such a way that made me feel like i was back in the 90s listening to real HIP HOP. You know, that feeling you get when everything just seems good and life it self is going to be alright. "Greatness" explains the many ways "Antonio 'A&R Richardson" is dope. I find this very much more worth listening too then someone singing about "bitches" and "hoes". It may go over your head for you simple minded people but don't worry, he breaks down every lyrical sentence to your understanding. That's a true Artist. Believe me when I say, Hip Hop artist A&R is the epitome of D.O.P.E. More favorites of mine off of his "Cool is Where I Live" mixtape are "Roll with the Winners" and "M.F.M.B (Move Forward or Move BacK) ft. M.E. & A.Z.; track 02.

It's hard to find originality in this 21st century. Although original, he does remind me of a mixture of B.O.B and Ice-Cube. I'm not one to compare, but all I'm saying is he is definitely up there with the highly talented and historically great. I don't like to put a lot of artist in the category of "Lyricist", but if anyone makes it to Sounds FoReal.com, just know they are a true Lyrical Hip Hop Artist. I vouch for A&R when I say he belongs in that category. He officially put St. Paul, MN on the map with is "His-Story" mixtape. I got my Sounds FoReal.com team out here in NC bobbin' their heads to that. (FOR REAL) The song that caught my attention is "Straightn up For Tomorrow" off of his "His-Story" mixtape; track 01. To Download His-Story, click on the link at the bottom of the page. It only takes a few seconds people!

I encourage you all to support not just African Americans, but people of the generation doing positive things and are ambitious about life. We need to come together and encourage one another to do better. Stop putting some one else down for something your not doing. Everyone is trying to make a better way. Are you? Support Antonio Richardson! He is a great artist and I hope to see him go further because music like his is rare to find.
- SoundsFoReal.com


2005 So Fresh - Single

2007 “All Eyes On Me 2007” Mixtape

2008 Joe Mauer Theme Song - Single
Whatchu Wanna Do - Single

2009 Bottom To The Top - Single
Joe Mauer '09 - Single

2010 Girlfriend, Boyfriend - Single
"History (His-Story)" Studio Album

2011 M.F.M.B. (Move Forward or Move Back) - Single
"Cool Is Where I Live" Mixtape

2012 Laid Back - Single
"Francis Albert" EP



Before the voice, before the performance, before the awards, a magic moment happens when words become poetry, and poetry becomes music. Antonio "A&R" Richardson cannot recall a time when music didn't play a significant role in his life. Influenced at an early age by artists like Ice Cube and KRS-One, A&R began writing at age nine, and hasn't put the pen down since. Today, he is a successful entertainer. His resume includes accomplishments like writing two at-bat songs for Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer, performing in front of thousands at both the Target Center and Metrodome in Minneapolis, and being cast in USA Network's Burn Notice and DreamWorks Film's Transformers 3. As an independent artist he has built an international fan base and garnered radio play in numerous major markets