BandHip Hop

I am an entertainer to the core, from the lyrics to the performance. Every show, every song, every lyric is full of energy and truth. My story and experience is one that so many people can relate to. The detail and the style I put into the music is dope and unlike anyone else!


Before the voice, before the performance, before the awards, a magic moment happens when words become poetry, and poetry becomes music. Antonio "A&R" Richardson cannot recall a time when music didn't play a significant role in his life. Influenced at an early age by artists like Ice Cube and KRS-One, A&R began writing at age nine, and hasn't put the pen down since. Today, he is a successful entertainer. His resume includes accomplishments like writing two at-bat songs for Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer, performing in front of thousands at both the Target Center and Metrodome in Minneapolis, and being cast in USA Network's Burn Notice and DreamWorks Film's Transformers 3. As an independent artist he has built an international fan base and garnered radio play in numerous major markets


2005 So Fresh - Single

2007 “All Eyes On Me 2007” Mixtape

2008 Joe Mauer Theme Song - Single
Whatchu Wanna Do - Single

2009 Bottom To The Top - Single
Joe Mauer '09 - Single

2010 Girlfriend, Boyfriend - Single
"History (His-Story)" Studio Album

2011 M.F.M.B. (Move Forward or Move Back) - Single
"Cool Is Where I Live" Mixtape

2012 Laid Back - Single
"Francis Albert" EP