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ansel matthews


Ansel Matthews is a solo acoustic act that occasionally includes percusion and bass. What makes him unique is how he weaves together his writing, playing and singing in a soulful and healing way. If you like music that touches the heart and soul, once you hear him you won't forget him.


Ansel Matthews is a singer and acoustic guitarist with a warm, soulful voice and an impressive three-octave range. Musically he draws from wide-ranging influences-soul signers such as Sam Cooke, crooners like Nat king Cole, Seventies pop-folk of Jim Croce and James Taylor and from years of experience singing in classical and gospel choral groups


The Thang That You Do

Written By: Ansel Matthews

The Thang That You Do

Don't sit there with such a long face
I know what you're going through
You're still searching for a better place
To get the things coming to you

Don't you let all of your problems cause you to worry
Don't end up feeling sorry for yourself
Don't let the daily pressures make you hurry
Just keep doing it, doing it
The thang that you do

Don't sit there with such a strong face
Looking so mighty and high
You've gone deep within your hiding space
To cover up the hurt that's inside


And its been so hard and demanding
Each day we die a daily death
But all those trails and tribulations
Will someday bring out your best
Your b-e-s-t best
© Ansel Matthews 2004


Recordings: "The Lion and the Lamb" self release; Columbia University's Postcrypt 30th Anniversary CD; Smithsonian Institute Folkway Recordings;Workings of the Heart, Palmetto Records- This was a nationally released CD with extensive radio airplay; Raised from the Dust -self release (current)

Set List

My typical set is songs from my 3 released CDs
which provides me with enough material to do a 3 set /45 minute show each set. I do not have cover material in my sets prefering to showcase my own music