Anslem Douglas

Anslem Douglas

 Whitby, Ontario, CAN

Grammy winning songwriter of Who Let The Dogs Out. Sexy Neo-soul/R&B/Jazz/Soca singer-songwriter reminiscent of Seal, Luther Vandross or John Legend.


Who hasnt heard of the 2000 massive internationally acclaimed hit and Grammy Award-winning single Who Let The Dogs Out? Sure it was made famous by the Baha Men, (an English band that utilized a popular style of Bahamian music called Junkanoo), but did you know it was written and recorded two years before, in the very exciting and traditional soca style by Toronto-based singer-songwriter Anslem Douglas? It was originally called Doggie and here is the link to that first recording which was a huge hit in the Caribbean initially and which is very different from the version that most of us know. The covered version was a chart success in many countries, and also became a popular song at U.S. sporting events and featured in the 2009 hit comedy The Hangover.

Music has always been at the core of this Trinidad-born Canadian, and the accolades that Anslem Douglas has received prove that he has made an indelible mark on the musical world stage. But his taste of the spotlight had come much earlier in his career where at 16 he cut his teeth singing in his local Pentecostal church as well as a group that formed from there called Exodus. He served and performed for the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard Band where he honed his skills further and began to incorporate his many diverse influences such as Soca greats Blakie and Lord Kitchener and international R&B superstars like Peabo Bryson and James Ingram.

It did not take Anslem very long to establish himself and be recognized as a true artist of exceptional talent. He performed with some of the biggest bands out of Trinidad like Fire Flight (with whom he recorded his first song in 1988) and Atlantik. During this time he delivered some other mega hits like Ragga Poom Poom and Good Music To Dance. Anslem has musically delved into the entire gamut of human experiences from Friend on the Soul Island album and Ooh Ahh, the smooth jazz hit produced by Eddie Bullen and written by Anslem on the same record, to the social outrage of Abuse featured on his Sir Anslem Douglas album released in 2000.

Fast forward to 2013. Anslem Douglas is set to bring it with new music to new audiences at NXNE and more dates currently in the works for this summer. With the aim of keeping his music relevant and the desire to challenge himself, he has recorded a ten-track neo soul/pop album entitled PROJECT A.D. with most of the songs written by himself and produced by Eddie Bullen with his son Quincy Bullen. Released in the spring of 2012, it has been on heavy rotation in the U.S. and offers much more than just the traditional style soca.

This hip, upbeat album winds its way around energetic dance mix riffs and mellow grooves. The unique, husky yet sultry sound of Anslems vocals fit like a glove, especially on some of his more sizzling x-rated tunes like The Sex You Give To Me, I Aint Gettin None, and the funkadelic and very danceable Slap-It. Arrangements and production is slick yet raw at the same time as evidenced in the beat-driven, house-styled tracks Love Making and Forever (where his voice sounds very reminiscent of early Seal recordings). The more psychedelic-inspired Tony Needs a Daddy and the soul-baring Mrs. Brady shows off the softer melody and lyrics from Anslems arsenal.

Anslems other contributions for 2013 include the single, Do You Think He Will Understand, a power Soca called "Bacchanal", a neo-Calypso single, "Dancing With You", and a piece written specifically for women "When You Wine." Project A.D. and the singles are all now available on iTunes and CD Baby.


Female Intuition

Written By: Anslem Douglas

You’re the one who’s always been talking
Going on about what you’re sensing
Telling me you’re a woman, you should know
Through my pockets you’re always searching
Digging for clues but finding nothing
Not realizing that I’m about to go
To go

Female intuition didn’t tell you that I was hurting
Female intuition didn’t tell you that my heart was in pain
Female intuition could have told you
That I’m about to leave your ass
The last time that you hurt me was the last

I try my best girl to make you happy
But I was blind and just could not see
That happiness must come from deep inside
Hurting each other then saying we’re sorry
A viscous circle that leads to crazy
I love you girl but from you I got to hide, to hide


When did this love of ours slip away
Did we outgrow each other
Or grow in separate ways
Don’t think I’m giving up
I got a sail but there’s no wind
And this dog ain’t got another fight left in him




Written By: Anslem Douglas

You holding my little finger
You kissing me on my shoulder
As I tell you I love you
And you say you love me too

You standing in front the mirror
You watching our unborn daughter
As I watch you grow
Girl deep inside I know
That this will last forever

Forever x(3)
And ever and ever
This will last
Forever x(3)
And ever and ever
Oceans will dry
Birds wouldn't fly
But this is forever
Rivers won't flow
And grass wouldn't grow
But this is forever
Forever x(3)
And ever and ever
This will last
Forever x(3)
And ever and ever
This will last forever
This will last forever
This will last forever

You are my favourite chord on my guitar
You are the warmth that comes from the fire
That gives our love the glow
I just want the world to know

You make it seems oh so easy
You letting me have the glory
You stand back stage of the show
How you do it I don't know
But I know we'll last forever


And when folks see us, they will wanna renew their vows
They'll wonder how their love it isn't as strong as ours
As ours, as ours


I Ain't Getting None

Written By: Anslem Douglas

These paper thin walls, they don’t work for me
And my neighbour got to change the position of her headboard
To drown it all out, sometimes I turn up my TV
I know she ain’t praying but she keeps crying out ‘oh lord’

But I ain’t gettin’ none
I ain’t gettin’ none
Can’t they understand I ain’t getting’ none

I ain’t gettin’ none
I ain’t gettin’ none
Since my baby’s gone, I ain’t having no fun

She’s a skinny little thing, she’s got energy
But anything in excess could become wrong
Is she doing all this because she knows I’m in need
But can’t remember last when I had some, so long, so long


I did the pillows on the head even try to listen to music through my headphones
And then she smiled at me in the hall knowing that she’s raising all of my hormones, my hormones

CHORUS (twice)


Tony Needs A Daddy

Written By: Anslem Douglas

She called me up, I said hello
Do you know who this is?
I said girl I don’t know
She said I’m not going to take up too much of your time
And this call is not to play tricks, or to mess with your mind
But ten years ago, you had a show
In Boston Massachusetts
And the rest you should know
Now if you see this boy you’d know that he is just a little you
And we’re hoping that your heart would tell you just what you should do

But Tony needs a daddy, the little boy he needs a daddy (X2)

Please don’t hang up, that’s what she said
But she wouldn’t stop
As I sat on my bed
She said I know you’re thinking what to do
Cause I know that you have a life
I followed your career and you got two kids and a wife... But

Tony needs a daddy, the little boy he needs a daddy (X2)

Now if you want to do the blood test thing with me, hey that is fine
Cause I would do the same thing if someone said to me hey some kid is mine

But Tony needs a daddy, the little boy he needs a daddy
The little boy he needs a daddy
Tony needs a daddy, the little boy he needs a daddy
The little boy he needs a daddy


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Good Music To Dance - single
Soul Island - album (January 3, 2012)
Do You Think He Will Understand - single
Jock Yuh Waist - single
Bacchanal - single
Project A.D. - album (August 11, 2012)
Forever - single
Dancing With You - single (Spring 2013)
When You Wine - single (May 2013)
When You Wine (DJ Stephen Remix) - single (August 2013)
Shadow's Parang - single (October 2013)
Christmas Coming - single (October 2013)
Boom Boom - single (December 2013)
Broughtupcy - single (January 2014)