the answering belles

the answering belles


the answering belles are straight up. lyrically, musically and personally. they're not hardcore. they're mellow core and damn pround of it. imagine shoegaze and 90's UK indie blended with a love of country music concepts and you'll be riding in answering belles country.


: introducing the answering belles :
the answering belles are the musical reflection of the soulfully dark kids that are philip henchie and allison browning.

the answering belles encompasses a sound of various styles set around the basic core of philip & allisons vocal/lyrical content and accompanying acoustic & electric guitars with philip’s occasional harmonica and allison's glockenspiel and keys.

the debut release for the answering belles is their promotional single 'she cuts you up' being released to radio in australia in late 2006. the single is already gaining airplay on indie stations in the US.

the answering belles sonic dimension encompasses sublime sound scapes, tranquil noise and the 'belles interpretation of 90's indie, shoegaze & country music concepts.

the 'belles sound hopes to take you on a non-discriminatory musical journey supplying willing punters with the musical accompaniment to a daily dose of the blues, feel good vibes or introspective thought trains.

the answering belles promise the experience of a new sonic dimension in the genre of indie music purely by not holding a limitation to the interpretation of what can be labelled as 'indie' or country.

take from it what you wish and label it what you want.


promo single 'she cuts you up' released to radio soon but you can already download it right here!

2 EP's are due for release in early 2007. more details are coming soon.

Set List

the answering belles play a 7-8 song acoustic set (this may increase if they're having a fun gig!) that, on occassion, may contain a cover from the likes of gram parsons, the smiths or even my bloody valentine!

A typical set list would be:

1/ she cuts you up
2/ looking forward from the back
3/ belles song
4/ inbetween dazed and confused
5/ lukavich
6/ late at night
7/ without you (i'm sorry)
8/ i am hated

+ at least 2 - 3 more that are usually dropped in where the belles feel like slotting them..