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"Record release party"

"How'd you get the name Antagonista?" I ask Max, the band's drummer, after the show. "Antagonist with an A at the end," he says laughing and then offers me more champagne. The three local guys don't take themselves too seriously, though the name and the six foot tall poster of a goat they play in front of might give the impression it’s a twisted metal band. It's far from that, though. Antagonista plays rock 'n’ roll about rock 'n' roll (see: AC/DC).

Saturday night in Rehab’s basement was the debut CD release party for the local power trio. After tearing through a set of guitar driven rock, or "rawk," the new EP was handed out for free along with champagne. You can tell from the band’s set and record the three guys are big fans of classic metal and fun rock 'n’ roll. They like Priest, Maiden and maybe even some of the leftover '80s metal like Guns N’ Roses. It’s hard not to think of Axl when lead singer/guitarist Eric is screaming about living his life on 10. And guess what? All of it’s better than Chinese Democracy.

At least in the genre of rock for rock’s sake, the fans have taken over. So instead of paying to see a bunch of geezers on their third final farewell tour, check out a Lower East Side basement. - NY Press


Antagonista -E.P.
5 songs
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Born in 2007 on the Lower East Side of New York City, Antagonista has already been hailed as, “…the band that could save rock and roll” (New York Press- Fall 2008). A consummate power trio, Antagonista combines pro songwriting, soaring vocals, crunching riffs, and sheer volume to bring you their own distinctive brand of heavy rock. Not content to conform with the simplistic nature of the average band on the circuit, technical ability is infused with Marshall Warmth and voracious energy. Antagonista kills live.

Eric G. is a New York City native and veteran of the rock scene. Known for his Plant, Scott, Rose, and Cornell style vocals, he is a sought after pro. Having played with members of The Cult, and founder of a project produced by Kirk Hammet, Eric is the front man you always wanted. Lyrics and vocal melodies are slaved over until The Reverend feels they are perfect. He is also the sole guitar in the band, managing to rips leads and executing signature riffs with professional ease.

Drummer Max Capshaw is also a New Yorker and veteran of the hardcore, punk and rock scene. In the late 80’s and early 90’s, Max anchored well-known acts such as: Sick Of It All, Murphy’s Law, Burn, H20 and Lament. His band, Ashcan, was chosen personally by Clutch as their tour support. Bringing power from his past punk days with him into the rock of Antagonista, the foundation is bombastic and the groove deep.

Rounding out the line up, Steve Steele comes to Antagonista by way of Reading in the U.K. Within moments of playing with Eric and Max, it was obvious that Steele was the only man for Antagonista’s low end. His bass growls and grooves with technique and feel. Having been the root of multiple rhythm sections back in England he is expert at keeping the pulse while always keeping it interesting.

On stage, its clear that Antagonsita are a trio of tightly intertwined musician’s and friends. Their interactions are that of a professional outfit that wants to redefine what rock means. This is evident on their debut E.P. With the ominous presence of the already infamous Antagonista goat, you are in for quite an experience. The goat’s eyes will tell you. Look, but not for too long.

See you soon.