Highly Caffeinated Folk Rock


Whether busy conjuring variations of rhythm folk poetry in song lyrics or exploring the percussive-like dynamics of her trademark guitar riffs, independent folk songstress Antara continues to establish herself as a 'new' folk artist that is expanding the forefront of women’s music and the independent folk movement. Having performed professionally for a dozen years throughout New England, Canada, The Midwest and The South, Antara’s unique fusion of rhythmic folk music and interactive coffee house performance capitalizes on a consistent sharing of the sociological perspective that shapes her life, love and work.


All The Strays (2007) - CD
Like It Was A Drum (2002) - CD
Smile Girl (2000)- CD

Nebulai - Wear My Hands Out (2007) - CD
Caring Is Knowing (2006) - CD
Nebulai - Odd Man Out (2003)- CD
Queer Stock, Queer Soup (2002)- CD
Grandma's Work (2001)- CD

Set List

Set Lists vary depending on the show.