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"Antarctic your new favorite local band!"

Urban JacksonvilleA blog about Downtown Jacksonville, Springfield, LaVilla, Brooklyn, the Southbank and San Marco.
Antarctic, your new favorite local band!

The sentiment expressed in my headline is totally subjective to taste and musical preference. I'm no music expert, but I know what I like. I guess what I am trying to say is hey, there's this local band called Antarctic and they fucking rock. I don't normally throw expletives like that around on Monday morning, but they are really good.

Who is Antarctic? They are all instrumental. They four guys. They are lots of pedals. They put the bass player in the front. They don't have a synth. They are a local Jacksonville band. I saw them Saturday night at Inertia along with Iron Eyes Cody, The Vultures and Dark Castle.

I heard about them a few weeks ago and that they were pretty good, so I was excited to see them, but nothing prepared me for what I heard and saw. It was an amazing musical explosion. Antarctic played their set in conjunction with another band, Dark Castle. They would play a song then throw it across the room for Dark Castle to play a song. I really wish they hadn't. Not to take anything away from Dark Castle, but it broke to flow that Antarctic had going on.

I think had the same dumb look on my face as about 20 other people when Antarctic finished their first song. "Did we just hear that? Was Antarctic really that good?" The answer is a resounding yes. Don't take my word for it. You can check them out in Jacksonville on December 14th (8pm) at Misdemeanor Manor w/ Alligator and The Sky Went Black. Then on February 20th (8pm) at TSI w/ Edie Sedgwick and Joe Lally. Also, I hear you can buy the Antarctic EP at Inertia for $5, but that's just what I hear. - Urban Jacksonville Blog

"Antarctic, Roargan and Madhappy at TSI"

Antarctic, Roargan and Madhappy at TSI by jon bosworth

I went to the show at TSI on Friday night with two friends; a prominent local artist and his wife. We had a bit of a debate about whether or not novices could innovate within their craft. The artist also happens to be a musician. His skills on the bass were unparalleled and as a guitarist he is equally formidable. But the question is, can a couple of punks with a lot to say, a considerable amount of passion and a rudimentary knowledge of their instruments create a sound that is compelling and new?

"The first band of the night was a local instrumental band that played something that could best be described as mathcore. They were not a good example to cite in this debate, because from inception to execution, this band was fantastic. They played their songs with verve and they passionately and skillfully banged away at a well-planned and seemingly impulsive set. For a three-piece, the immensity of their sound was phenomenal and the complexity of their songwriting was only matched by the passion of their live performance. If this band can survive the two-year itch, they will be composing and releasing some of the most amazing songs this town has seen in that time. " - John Bosworth of EU Magazine

"Sounds Worth Seeing"

"they offer experimental, indie guitar-driven rock in the vein of Hella or Don Caballero. A track from their 2007 demo called "Paseo La Salamandria", (or "walk the salamander") is a pretty impressive rock instrumental. Layer upon layer of fuzzy riffing, tapping, --- and dare I say? --- shredding come together in a carefully controlled manner, but which feels like it could fall apart at any moment. The tension they are capable of building without relying on vocals is the most interesting thing about them, and they should shine in a small setting like The (Sentient) Bean" - Murmur Magazine


In October of 2007 we recorded our "Self Titled" EP with Rob Mcgregor of Goldentone Studios in Gainesvile, Florida.

We plan on recording a full length in the Fall!



Antarctic formed in Winter of 2006 between Jacksonville and the small historic town of St. Augustine, Florida through the boiling imaginations of two friends, Tyler Miller and Chris Jackson. "We spent almost any chance we could perfecting this sound, and drawing from almost any influence we could. As music is all about subjective interpretation, we carefully listened to bands such as Tortoise, Hella, Cap'n Jazz, Kayo Dot, and Sigur Ros, felt inspired by their ideas, and focused on taking them a step further. We are very aware of the emotional impact music can have on a listener and have been entrancing ourselves in the writing process to share this feeling with others. In April of 07' we picked up two new members that would reshape our sound: Brandon Highfill, formerly of A Slight Breeze, and Blake Armstrong who also plays with Our Name Is Legion. Over the time span of about a year we played over 50 shows around Florida and the South east. We became ultimately focused our plans as a professional band, and the idea of our progression in the music community, quickly became a passion. We found ourselves deeply connecting with people in the audience, thriving on house shows and regional festivals that were either free or charged very little admission giving all people equal opportunities to enjoy live music! In March of 2008, we parted ways with Brandon Highfill. Guitarist, Ivan Skanes of Jazz outfit, Tuesday Night Squad joined us. With skanes came a soulful guitar force of jazz and funk influences. Around the same time we picked up violinist Micah Mills who has been classically trained and played in many projects around town including Rebecca Zapan and Her Dirty Dishes, a local Folk band. With Mills our sound became much more ethereal and our small gaps had been smoothly evened out into a sound that we couldn't be more excited about!