"a massive punch of ambience blended with driving rhythms influened by math rock and jazz compositions. The rich tonal colors paint an imaginative picture deeply sumbersed in nature. The sincerity and passion of these musicians erupts in listener's ears with an overwhelming feeling of excitement!"


Antarctic formed in Winter of 2006 between Jacksonville and the small historic town of St. Augustine, Florida through the boiling imaginations of two friends, Tyler Miller and Chris Jackson. "We spent almost any chance we could perfecting this sound, and drawing from almost any influence we could. As music is all about subjective interpretation, we carefully listened to bands such as Tortoise, Hella, Cap'n Jazz, Kayo Dot, and Sigur Ros, felt inspired by their ideas, and focused on taking them a step further. We are very aware of the emotional impact music can have on a listener and have been entrancing ourselves in the writing process to share this feeling with others. In April of 07' we picked up two new members that would reshape our sound: Brandon Highfill, formerly of A Slight Breeze, and Blake Armstrong who also plays with Our Name Is Legion. Over the time span of about a year we played over 50 shows around Florida and the South east. We became ultimately focused our plans as a professional band, and the idea of our progression in the music community, quickly became a passion. We found ourselves deeply connecting with people in the audience, thriving on house shows and regional festivals that were either free or charged very little admission giving all people equal opportunities to enjoy live music! In March of 2008, we parted ways with Brandon Highfill. Guitarist, Ivan Skanes of Jazz outfit, Tuesday Night Squad joined us. With skanes came a soulful guitar force of jazz and funk influences. Around the same time we picked up violinist Micah Mills who has been classically trained and played in many projects around town including Rebecca Zapan and Her Dirty Dishes, a local Folk band. With Mills our sound became much more ethereal and our small gaps had been smoothly evened out into a sound that we couldn't be more excited about!


In October of 2007 we recorded our "Self Titled" EP with Rob Mcgregor of Goldentone Studios in Gainesvile, Florida.

We plan on recording a full length in the Fall!

Set List

Our set usually starts off with "Hey Kids", a minimal piece that blooms and unfolds into a large ambient force leading into "Paseo La Salamanria", "Arrowhead Wounds", "Your Ships Are Googlin' Pretty Hard", ending with "Table Tops." Our Set usually lasts about 40 minutes. All of our songs are connected and were written to flow into each other with ease in a live environment. We try to make our live show much more of a narration of one story rather than a showcasing of different, independent songs.