The Antarcticans

The Antarcticans

 Los Angeles, California, USA


The Antarcticans, the flagship band behind The New Black Records, are a five-piece Los Angeles-based instrumental-attack-noise group that formed in late 2001. In recordings and in their performances, The Antarcticans are a violent takeover of overwhelming feedback-peaking builds of heartbreaking psych-trips.
The Antarcticans have toured nationally with Acid Mothers Temple and played with many other avant-rock acts, including Kinski, Deerhoof, and Mono from Japan.

Their self-titled debut album was released on The New Black in 2004 with all-handmade artwork and packaging, followed by 2006's epic followup, "Teach Children; Fear all Teachings of Eternity; The Doom of Self and Nature," plus an assortment of other limited-edition and vinyl releases.

Their back catalog, featuring what the Austin Chronicle accurately assessed as "white-hot glacial rock," is currently available through The New Black's store, iTunes, and at independent record stores such as Amoeba Records, Rhino Records and Poo-Bah Records, as well as internationally through Cobraside Distribution.


"The Antarcticans" CD, 2004
"I Clean Your Country" CD, 2005
"I/III" LP, 2005
"Teach Children Fear All Teachings Of Eternity... The Doom of Self and Nature" CD, 2006
"The Antarcticans* Avec Kawabata Makoto* - Inhumaincentrique" CD, 2010