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Think about it, A.N.T is nothing but pure talent, hot verses catchy hooks and the look, everything about this guy screams superstar, but that's not what is he about, he is about the music and speaking to the masses and letting them hear his story. If you aren't down wit A.N.T and p.O.p you will be!


A.N.T is exactly what hip hop and the game have been asking for, something orginal,talented, and all around perfect when it comes to doing the music thing. With his team and fan base, p.O.p, its only a matter of time before they hit the top and beyond,if you don't like one thing about A.N.T, you can find a million other things you do like and a 100,000 more things you envy. Considering that this k
id is the next big thing we know how much alot of music fans love being the first to be a fan, so go ahead and jump on "The Flying White Carpet", but don't worry there's room for everybody, so don't feel bad if you catch the drift a little late. This page will consist of many things and the bigger our fan base gets the better our pages get, So over the years you guys will see the progression of this thing we call p.O.p and it reflect in the page and A.N.T. But anyway check out the sites and enjoy and become part of p.O.p and if you are already well then sit back and throw them p's up!!! If you love music that is not just restricted to just one soundd this is the guyyyy !!! Check out A.N.T


"Blow the smoke out"
(Mixtape)"Without Applauds"

Set List

Depends on the environment.