Ant Boogz

Ant Boogz

 New York City, New York, USA
BandHip Hop

I call my brand of music "Soul Rap" I write based upon personal experiences and actual things going down in my environment sort of like a ghetto news reporter


I was born and raised in East Harlem, NY. I was a typical inner city kid loved to play basketball but I loved hanging with my crew a little bit more. My first favorite song of all time was "I aint no Joke" by Eric B and Rakim. I went to South Carolina State university got expelled and ended up living in Orangeburg, SC for about six years.My real life experiences influence me to record the type of music I bring to the table. I indulge in so much music from so many different artists that it's hard for me to name names from the so called "Back Packers" to Gangstas to Old and some new school R&B artists. I think my substance sets me apart from many other artist because I blend slang and vocabulary, with poetic and street content to a T. My music is extremely personal, it will paint a picture of the type of man I am and the majority of consumers can relate to my experiences and my struggle. I'm not looking to make that hit my goal is to be the voice of todays youth, I am a "Diamond in da Ruff"


I am currently working on the Soul Rap LP.