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Ante Luka

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Ante Luka is a modern bar room brawlin' barstool mystic with a serious need to communicate. built to create or whither, and seemingly at peace with himself but ever searching, he makes records like snakes shed skins. each new release is revised understanding, which like life is ever changing. Ante has been listening to hip hop for twenty years, writing lyrics for ten and producing for about the last five. Founded independent outfit Party Robust in 2004 to release his own and other artists records on. He currently handles all executive production for the label and shares producing duties with affiliate Paul NYSE.


New full length titled Fragments out early 2007
2006 Dalmatian Zen LP on Party Robust. available on CD
2004 Power Outage LP on Party Robust. available on CD
2003 Innovent LP on Romance Records. out of print

Set List

have enough material for a solid one hour set at this point. straight up hip hop with some spoken word occasionally.