A melodic blend of Death Metal and old-school Thrash.


We were formed officially in October of 2006, and began playing shows in December of the same year. Our first lineup did not consist of a drummer, so we used a drum machine. At first, because of some limitations on some of the members, we had somewhat of a "blackened thrash" sound. We had a keyboard player then. But in the fall of 2007, we went for straight-up metal the best way we knew how. Donnie, our vocalist, has the deepest, and meanest death metal growl I've ever heard. I'd describe it as a cross between Glen Benton of Deicide, and Johan Hegg of Amon Amarth. I am a big, big fan of guitar solos, so we scrapped our old guitar player, who could not play solos at the level I wanted, and traded up for Alex Monroe. He shreds and sweeps so naturally, and was a perfect fit for the band. I (Brice) have been the main songwriter in the band. Thus far, it has been Jeremy and I who have written the music in all the songs. We have been the core of this band since it started. Our drummer, Josh, is a recent addition, but is very serious. At 24, he has played the drums now for 12 years, and is an incredible drummer. His style wasn't initially a thrash metal style, but he has fit very well with the group.
As for influences, we look to old Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Children of Bodom, and Arch Enemy.


Open Wounds and an Empty Tomb

Written By: Brice Wilson

Just past the revolving door of our
There is life beyond all life, secured by sacrifice
Enduring endless pain, carried the cross of an entire world
The blood remains
The open wounds and empty tomb
And barren cross stand strong against the dark night and wicked skies
Displaying His power and glory
I will stand in its light
I will cast my shadow over hell
And turn my back on the sins of my past

Oh the sweetness that I love to taste
The cleansing power of Love's embrace
Defining existence
Perfecting endurance
I live to tell what I have seen
His open side, His hands and feet
Complete reassurance
For my deliverance

Sing your songs of salvation
With bended knees and open hands
The day is coming closer still
When all you know will disappear

Antemortem Confession

Written By: Brice Wilson

Captive thoughts of the resurrect
Still aching from its former death
Leaving behind its misery
To a new life begin, end of slavery
Looking back to where life began
Knowing well it was worth it all
Pleasure of sin leaves a haunting past
To kill the spirit inside and the will to fall

I want to exist in the present not the past
But this ghost I hold onto makes me feel so weak
I have to let go to win this battle for my soul
And trust the hand of my Creator to guide my path

Nothing sacred in this one-track heart
Carnal instinct is my only consciousness
To overcome I must realize I am not alone

Temptation becomes too much to fight anymore
My resistance is useless and weak as death
My temptor attacks and leaves my mind to dwell
In the shadows of my former death remain

The wicked desires of flesh shall hold me no longer
For my master is Life and His name is Love


We have no officially released material. Just homemade demos that we pass out at our shows.

Set List

Our set is usually this one if we're playing in our hometown. If we go elsewhere, or play an opening set, we usually choose our three best songs.

Intro (this usually varies)
In the Day of Battle
Open Wounds and an Empty Tomb
March of the Martyr
Antemortem Confession
New Song - Untitled (1)
New Song - Untitled (2)
Justice Denied
Love and War
Jesus Saves

We try not to play covers, but if we have extra time, we usually play one just for fun. We don't take our covers seriously, they are strictly just for fun. We have covered "In Pursuit of Vikings" by Amon Amarth, "Ballroom Blitz" by The Sweet, and "Creeping Death" by Metallica.