Ant Farm Affiliates

Ant Farm Affiliates

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We're all ants working for the Queen- Hip Hop! Forces got joined, beats got rocked and a movement was created. We hesitate to call ourselves an underground hip hop supergroup... but it is what it is. A-F to the death! Once you see us live, you'll understand.


The stars aligned for the Ant Farm Affiliates on the 2006 Rise of the Nomads tour. The tour was the brainchild of Connecticut underground MC Sketch tha Cataclysm and it featured future Ant Farm Affiliates Quest the Rising Sun, Rawkus 50's Phenetiks, Workforce and the d_Cyphernauts. The shows went so well that the performers decided to join forces and create the Ant Farm Affiliates.

The resulting sound is a hip hop gumbo. You can taste the unique flavor that each member brings to the crew but what has been created is something completely new and different. While the crew has it's roots in classic era hip hop, each MC is committed to taking lyricism to the next level and each producer has refined a signature sound that is the blueprint for new millennium hip hop. Ant Farm Affiliates are the new movement in music!


Ant Farm Affiliates Mixtape Vol. 1

Set List

Our sets can last from 15 minutes to 2 hours. This is a typical 40 minute set:

The Suspense
Set it Straight
Blow It
The Rhythm
As One
Destiny's Path
It Ain't Safe
Suffer and Sacrifice