Powerful, melodic, soulful, thought provoking even heart felt


Since forming late 2004, Anthem has been wowing fans with their powerful melodic tunes. These guys produce power and feeling in every part of what they do from massive driven guitars with bass and drums that pounds at your very being. Singer Paul Daniel erupts into his melodic and emotional deliverance that captures the grace of his intense heart felt lyric. ANTHEM is captivating and their energy as a band is infectious and inspiring leaving you hooked.
Even if you’re not a fan of their genre, it would not be hard to imagine anyone being able to leave a show and not be impressed with the "dynamic performing music machine" that is ANTHEM.

ANTHEM has a ferocious intention to sing and have the world sing with them. This is evident in the entire experience that you too will come to know as “AI”, or the ANTHEM infection.


EP - Centered Self
Single - Coo
Single - Re Awaken