If the super arena bands of the Late 60's and early 70's came together with the skill and technology of today creating a beatle/zep/floyd/wolfmother/mot the hoople sound you would have the California band creating the Rock N Roll Revolution known only as the great and powerful ANTHEM!!


ANTHEM, the band to start the rock n roll revolution, started up in California in 2004 when Brit/Irish Terry Coleman, former front runner of 'hollopoynt', decided to change the world. His guitar riffs and lead vocals are untouched in the music buisness. Since then, the world has never been the same. After spending a year in Australia, Dustin Carpenter quickly jumped aboard the band taking control of the necessary drums, backup vocals, and overall "Animal"-like insanity. To Finalise and strengthen the bass section, John Montes joined the band, proving to the world that good musicians still exist. Thus the 3 die-hard members of ANTHEM were secured and prepared to take the world by storm! All 3 members doing vocals, all 3 members being at the top of their instruments, all 3 members prepared to change the world. ANTHEM's Rock sound is hard to classify into genres. Some have said 'powerpop', 'alternative', 'rock n roll', 'progressive', and even 'sabbath metal'. One thing is for sure, the usual formula for writing songs has been throw out the window. This sound has never been heard before, and the Live stage show has become one of CALIFORNIA's "Must See Shows" because of the "high energy rock experience." Gaining popularity through playing 300+ shows in just over 1 1/2 years, releasing a full length album "Electric Gypsy" and a self titled ANTHEM EP, produced by Mike Klooster from SMASH MOUTH, hitting shelves in early 2008, having 2 music videos as well as hidden you tube videos and dvds, being featured in just about every local CALIFORNIA publication especially in the Bay Area, Central Valley, and Southern California, and playing with national touring acts such as Avril Lavinge, Dishwalla, The Calling, Gin Blossoms, Remy Zero, and Collective Soul to name a few, being featured regularly on local radio stations all over California as well as appearances on "Good Mourning Sacramento" TV Show, and an international fan base with fans spread all around the globe. It's easy to see why ANTHEM is growing and wont stop. With a goal to "Bring Back Rock!" ANTHEM wont stop till they are on the moon playing shows. Being one of the cleanest rock bands make them appropriate for Stadiums and coffee shop acoustic shows alike. Like all good bands, ANTHEM needs support in any way possible to make the change in music and the world! So Add the STREET TEAM, Add the ANTHEM Myspace, Listen to songs, buy stuff, leave comments, show some love. ANTHEM Loves you very much.


Electric Gypsy(2005)
Bootleg DVD(2006)
ANTHEM (selftitled EP)(2008)
All songs off of ANTHEM are being aired all over California on college radio stations and on regular rotations on pop radio stations especially in the central valley.

Set List

The set list is an ameoba like substance. Always changing, always adapting for the better. If anyone makes a request, we do it, and pull it off with style. We do acoustic sets and electric sets. We do entire beatles sets. We use CCR covers (of course), Zep, Floyd, 311, sublime, blink 182, fountains of wayne, radiohead, and whatever is required