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The best kept secret in music


"Shinbone Magazine Article - August '08"

Anthem for the Lost is a departure from the heavier rock now undergoing a resurgence locally. With vocals by Chris Volatta, the group has a huge rock influence with an almost Cure-like sound. Sprinkle in some punk and you have an idea of what these guys are laying down. The guys are a riot on stage as well. When I watched them on stage at Gullifty’s they are easily one of the bigger draws I have seen (Robyn, thanks for dolling out the rum and cokes).

Their stage presence still is that of your friend’s band from high school but that approachability means that friends and fans alike share in the emotion and enthusiasm of each song. Watching these guys and hearing the banter mostly coming from Hershey himself is a riot. The joking between the band members and their audience helps raise the fun level and contributes to the experience. The drummer Jordan is damn good as well. I saw the guy playing and was impressed. Then add to the group Ian and Andy’s experience and skill and you realy have a unique but soulfull sound. When you listen to these guys you can feel a 1980’s music influence. The guitar solo’s and lyrics at some points makes me think of ’80’s movies, and the semi-emo tone of some songs, and angst behind them, and you uncover the influence of the Cure. Eiher frikkin’ way these guys are awesome. Buy their stuff and go see a show, seriously. (

SOURCE: - Kyle Spriggle - Shinbone Editor

"Fly Magazine February 2008"

Fly Magazine February 2008

Anthem For The Lost
Published: February 2008
Story: Jeff Royer
Photo: press photo

You show me a band that has a guitarist named Randy Rock in it, and I’ll show you a band that rules. Flat-out rules.
I don’t know if his name’s real or not – and I don’t want to know. I’m just saying Randy Rock’s a winner in my book.
Truth be told, I didn’t even know Rock’s name when I caught Anthem For The Lost’s set at the Champion Ship in December. All I knew at that point was that they were tighter and more professional than any band that’s only been around for nine months has the right to be.
Musically, Anthem For The Lost is the collision of two seemingly disparate worlds – the polished modern-rock of the Deftones and A Perfect Circle and the angst-y, melodrama of bands like Escape the Fate and Brand New. Initially, the sound can be a little disconcerting; you’re never quite sure if you should be kicking some emo kid’s ass or helping him re-apply his guy-liner.
Once your ears adjust, however, you start to appreciate how, ever so subtly, Anthem For The Lost doesn’t really sound like any other band. They sound a little like lots of bands, but have combined those elements, – Bayside’s brawny punk, Incubus’ polished, tidal-wave choruses – and made something new. (They also throw Muse, Black Dahlia Murder, Fiona Apple and Randy Rhoads in there for good measure.)
This collision of sounds is due at least in part to the fact that Anthem is actually a collision of two bands – On Faith Alone (Rock, bassist Bryan Steinman and drummer Jordan Pilsitz) and My Dying Wish (singer Christopher Valotta).
“I got a random call from Randy asking if I was interested in meeting up with him and the guys to see what they had been working on,” Valotta explains. “I said sure, [but] was fearful that we would have differences in musical preference. However, what I found was something that made playing music exciting again.
“It’s fun – what it’s supposed to be, you know?” he adds. “The funny thing is, I don’t think anything we do is really planned. It’s all kind of organic and comes out naturally.”
Anthem released its debut EP, Ashes & Embers, just two months ago, but according to Valotta is already feverishly writing for the next album. “Every song gets bigger and better and hits closer to our potential,” he says excitedly.
Valotta makes no apologies for his band’s ambition – they want to get a record deal, and that’s that. If they fall short, it certainly won’t be for a lack of broad appeal. If you can rock a dude who listens to Nickelback and the snotty clerk at Hot Topic with the same song, you’re doing something right.
“We would like to be signed. I am not afraid to say that is our goal,” Valotta states. “For a career to exist, we are going to need backing and support. So if that means I have to run around the state of Pennsylvania and collect aluminum cans in a shopping cart to get us where we want to be, I’ll do it!

“Our dream is to play music for a living and see it through ’til our fingers fall off and our lungs give out.”


- Jeff Royer - Fly Magazine

"Otaku Motion Article"

In January, you saw the completion of last years ACS/Starbucks benefit winner's music video. I wanted to post about how awesome it was to shoot the 2008 winners, Anthem For the Lost. This talented and friendly group is from the Harrisburg/York area. We finished production last night on their music video for a new song "Unseen" and are entering post production immediately.

The video was shot in Lemoyne's "Championship" which is a very cool looking venue/record store and perfect for our shoot!

SOURCE: - Allen - Otaku Motion

"Word of Mouth Magazine Article"

Anthem for the Lost took us by complete surprise one fine evening at The Silo in Reading. We were there to check out a few new bands, and we found ourselves completely taken with this four-piece rock band from the Harrisburg area. What strikes us most about AftL is their universal appeal - Anyone can relate to their songs, and everyone loves their music. If you haven't heard their songs yet, give them a listen. You'll feel the same way we did and you'll find in AftL a new favorite band.

- Word of Mouth Magazine - editor


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