Anthem For The Lost

Anthem For The Lost


We're a mix between alternative, rock, metal, and punk. Smooth powered vocals, heavy guitars, wicked drums, and solid bass as the foundation. We're from Harrisburg, PA. Dead serious musicians who want nothing more than a career in music. Enough Said.


We have been down a long road, through many members, and through hard times, but will never give up. Randy and Chris are the 2 remaining original members. Jeff "Muff" is an exceptional drummer who graduated from Berkley music school. Eric and Gordon are both amazing musicians and writers. I think what sets us apart from other bands is that we have music that would normally be set aside for metalcore bands, but instead of doing the norm(screaming), we decide to add smooth, powered vocals on top of the music for an original sound. Every single member of this band is a writer, and we all write together as a band and collaborate. We all take great pride in what we do and we all make all the necessary sacrifices to achieve our goal, which is to have a career in music. We don't care about being super-famous, we just want to make enough to play music for a living, and hope that our music can continue to reach out and touch fans.


Ashes & Embers EP (2007)
1. The Hourglass
2. Falling Out
3. Setting Fire
4. Fall For Nothing
5. Autumn Starr

Static EP (2008)

1. Concrete Wings
2. Static
3. Falling Out
4. Unseen

Songs from our 2008 Static EP has current airplay on 105.7 the X on a few programs.

The track "Falling Out", especially, from the Static EP has had a lot of airplay on 105.7 the X (PA's biggest rock station), and before that the song "Autumn Starr" also had a lot of airplay on 105.7 the X. We have had an interview on 98 Rock in Baltimore, and on OCC in Syracuse, NY. We also have our entire Static EP constantly spinning on OCC Radio in NY, and various clubs in Allentown, PA, Hot Topic, and various stores around PA.

Set List

We usually only get 25-35 minutes for our setlist. our current setlist is:

1. Static
2. Setting Fire
3. Falling Out
4. Concrete Wings
5. The Cover Up
6. When All Else Fails
7. Silence

(We have other songs from our upcoming full length that can be added to our setlist if we need to fill a longer time slot)