Milton Keynes, England, GBR

'ANTHEMIC' are a brand new MK 5 piece, fusing elements of dirty underground music and dreams; to create a molotov cocktail of big beat basslines, very heavy vintage guitar riffs, EPIC double drums, strange noises and a tiny little bit of sunshine!


'ANTHEMIC' will aim to create a completley ambitious but nevertheless accomplished fusion of Heavy Post-Rock/Big Bass/Trip-Hop and D'n'B; the band will boast moods of power and unity, truly enforced by the promise of blistering live performances!

Get yourselves involved for a new scene...SUMMER 2011

-"The term Anthemic is not strictly a word, yet is used to describe music that has a particular presence to it/atmospheric feel."


Debut EP "It's Stupid to think we'd Lie to you; NOW BUY IT!" out Mayday 2011 from all major download stores through Rockers Massive Records.

Set List

1. "It's an Illusion!"
2. Dealbreaker
3. Just an Expression
4. Hypoxic Ghost Town
5. Mighty Ships