Anthem Of Silence

Anthem Of Silence


Alt-pop act Anthem of Silence materialized in 2006 around singer Cameron Adkins' 200+ home recordings. Charmed and charming, this evolving 5-piece is set to take LA and the world by storm.


Anthem of Silence formed in Hollywood, California in 2006 but was germinating long before in the home studio of songwriter Cameron Adkins. After connecting with Adam Fischer (bass), Travis Hasko-Young (guitar), Dolce Wang (cello), and Serge Milenkovic (drums), the seeds were sown as dog groomer, computer geek, electronic whiz-kid, filmmaker, and an avid book reader collaborated on two records and a multitude of charged live shows. Since early 2009 the band has been writing and are currently at LA's Invisible Studios mixing their third album, Phantoms, due out in December. AoS takes a grittier rock approach on Phantoms with the title track and "The Hundred Pages" showcasing their singable melodies and growing sound. Charmed and charming, this evolving group has the pop sensibility of Jimmy Eat World, the anthemic quality of Coldplay, along with unmistakable influences of Cobain and Zeppelin.


Nothing On You

Written By: Cameron Adkins & Adam Fischer

so you're locked out on your birthday
and everyone gave you advice
there's a lot more, a lot more
where that came from every time

so you got down on your birthday
it's nothing that won't heal in time
it's like that, you knew that
cause we learn everything at least twice

you saw the sign and then you left completely unaware
now it's time to shine yet you look the other way
they've got nothing on you

so you broke down on your birthday
you came back strong as a vice
but no one bought that
you'd truly severed the ties

so you fought back for another
you needed your chance to survive
you got it, you've earned it
what will you do with your new life?

you saw the sign and then you left completely unaware
now it's time to shine yet you look the other way
they've got nothing on you

The Hundred Pages

Written By: Cameron Adkins

i want to nail to your arm
the hundred pages so far about this

though i may have paled to his charm
i have not failed you at all about this

as you move to the waves of the river
and fuse your waist and arms against his

yes you tune your praise and attention
to everything around except this

well i'm afraid and surprised how many
days have slipped by about this

so far as the glaze in my eyes
i passed them all in one night about this

but when your room was razored to ribbons
who came to deliver you from them?

who flew you to safety forgiven
and who's name was upon your lips?

I can't believe you knew about, you knew about this (2x)

was there an uglier time
between my lovely and I besides this?

I thought we'd left it behind
but now you smugly remind about this

are we just doomed to the bleak repetition?
doomed to fade even weaker from this?

well as your groom i hate my position
consumed by erasing failing attempts

cause i have to say you knew, you knew about this (2x)


"I Am One EP" (2008)

"Live From 7000 Feet!" (live album 2008)

"Phantoms" (new EP due out early 2010)

Set List

Generally we play for 45-60 minutes, and play one or two covers. Original songs we tend to play live include:
-Nothing On You
-The Hundred Pages
-Garden Stones
-Phantoms (Anthem of Silence)
-The Wheel's Eye
-One-Fingered Glove
-I Am One
-Father May I
Covers include:
-Africa (Toto)
-By the Time It Gets Dark (Sandy Denny)
-Color Me Once (Violent Femmes)
-All Night Long (Lionel Richie)