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Anthem Poetic


Anthem Poetic is what happens when love, poetry, philosophy and theology walk into a bar. Their music is refreshing, thoughtful and different. They are the heavy and the soft held in each hand.


In 2003 singer/songwriter Tony Creech began a post-progressive rock group with three college friends called anthem poetic, based in Moose Jaw, SK. The group’s music is characterized by diverse guitar parts, strong melodies, and honest, passionate, thoughtful lyrics. Influences include bands like P.O.D., Incubus and Linkin Park. Following the release of their first full-length CD, “Death of Love” (January 2007), the band has headlined many shows and has shared the stage with bands including Kiros, Captain, Kincaide, Go Jeff!, Andy Shauf, Adverse Vital Signs, The Coast, Tripmeter, and Riley Armstrong.

“Anthem Poetic's edgy album design is only to be matched by the band's melodies and thought-driven lyrics. An independent recording that catches your eyes and ears.”

"The melding of opposites, the yin/yang that is life, projected through a theological lens by the poetry and rhythm of an eclectic mix of musical styles. Each listen of the CD brings new discoveries and delights for the listener. Definitely a musical influence that will be with us for a long time."
- Lori Dean, Host of Saskatchewan Spotlight, 800 CHAB

anthem poetic is currently filming a music video for their single “Down” to push the world wide online release of “Death of Love” on iTunes and other major internet music kiosks.

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October 2007
The single "All Alone" has been released to select College, University and Community radio stations across Canada.

October 2006
The single "All Alone" from the Death of Love CD has been chosen to appear on the Promotional CD for the 2007 WCMA Awards, to be held in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.



Written By: Tony Creech

I'm feeling down, past your gates,
Still holding you
My mistakes are cleaving on.
Will I soon hit the ground?
Let it show, let it grow.
Will my life make a sound,
Screaming 'never more'?

Take me by your hand
Take me up. Understand,
Never once have I lived
Before you here
But today I'm
Falling on failing you

I'm feeling down in my doubt,
Still looking for the chasing Son.
Am I out of ways to find you here?
Will your face not be found?
Let it show, let it grow.
May my heart be unbound,
Free and you know that's
All I want to be.

Days slide into days
And I can't find you here.
Yeah, and though I'm feeling down
Yeah, well now I know, I know.

I want to be strong
I want to be brave
I want to be strong

You Know Me

Written By: Tony Creech

It was not hard to hide it all,
The way I feel,
And like a fool to his fall
I run away
To where the memory of my mind,
It haunts me here
Cuz you're too close to touch me now

And I'm up in the suffering night
Waing on nothing,
But nothing from you.

I've let the darkness in my mind.
I'm letting go
Of all the things I'd like to bind.
Where are you now?
And all the broken bits inside
Are all I own
Cuz you're too close to touch me now

You know me, you know me.
You know me, you know me.
You know me now.

Have the storms in my heart driven you away?
In the shadow of your patient mind,
I'm asking to escape this time.
You're making me good.

All Alone

Written By: Tony Creech & Dustan Hylady

There was a time I'd known
I'd make it all on my own,
Looking inside for my fate and solar.
But I learned that was a lie.

Freedom comes for fakes
Like you, like me.
Freedom comes for fakes
Like me, like you, like me.

There was a time I'd known
That Grace would waste not her time
Saving my life from the fate of sorrow.
But I learned that was a lie.

All alone. You're all alone.
If you're gonna try to make this on your own.


"Death of Love" is the bands first full-length independent self-produced CD. Selected tracks can be heard @

To hear the entire CD visit us at ANR Lounge:

"Death of Love" is available for purchase from several online stores including itunes, napster, msn,, rhapsody, wippit, musicnet, musicnow, ecast and many, many more.

Set List

Anthem Poetic's typical set consists of 10 songs from their CD, 2 covers and 7 to 10 new songs giving the audience a full palet of the bands diversity in an energetic 90 minute show.

All Alone
You know Me
Falling In
Death of Love
The Less of Me
The Breaking Amor
Turn It Up
I Found You
The Grave
Lord, You're Right
Love In Vein
Emo On My Mind
Every Girl
Life Sucks Sometimes
Hound Dog (cover)
Johnny Be Good (cover)