Anthem Red

Anthem Red


Anthem Red sounds like its name: anthemic, melodic, rock with girl leads and harmonies, and lots of guitarmonies. Take Jawbreaker, Thin Lizzy, and Fleetwood Mac. Take them all.


Anthem Red formed in late 2004 from the tattered rags of Winnipeg hard pop trio Sixty Stories (Smallman Records, The Company with the Golden Arm). The new name is an obvious literary reference to the former band, but some things aren�t worth letting go of
entirely. Jo Snyder (guitar and vocals) and Sarah Sangster (bass and vocals) nursed their indie wounds by hooking up with drummer Jeff Hindy, playing songs and drinking beer in a beat down house behind a Burger King in Winnipeg�s rotting inner city. The band focused primarily on playing basement shows and small art galleries, DIY ethics, sloganeering, and getting really, really drunk. It worked for a while until Anthem Red began to mold into something more serious. After several terrible, but still somehow awesome sounding demos, Andrew Filyk joined the band in early 2005 on second guitar. Filyk�s Leatherface influenced parts and gruff voice added a ballsy texture to the songs.
In late May 2006 Anthem Red hit a makeshift studio to record their first full-length with producer Matt Peters (The Waking Eyes). After seven soul-destroying weeks they emerged bleary-eyed, happy, and musically reformed. Jo and Sarah put away their young girl/boy vocals, allowing the salient feminine chords to ring out. �No more blowing our noses in our hands and wiping it on our pants!� they said.
�Dancing on the Dishwasher� was released independently in Canada, Oct. 7th, 2006 and on The Company with the Golden Arm out of Hamburg. The band toured Europe December 2006 with drummer Dustin Karsin (Red Blanket) to a warm and excited audience.


The Peanut Gallery

Written By: Jo Snyder

Pass the paper through the door.

Let it fold and tear and let the words fall to the floor.

I'll sweep them up and tape them into an order that to me could make some kind of sense.

Is it a lie, or is it spin?
Am I privy to the look you give when you're trying to fit in?

Where is the mind that I call mind and I'm left wondering why it is that I can't speak up.

It's not about me, it's time you bank like a soldier serving duty so there's someone to thank.

That's not an answer that's a wank and you're pulling on me like some southern ignorant yank.

Is it a lie, or is it spin?

Am I privy to the look you give when you're trying to fit in?

Where is the mind that I call mine?

I'm left wondering why it is that I can't speak up for myself.


Live, 2005 - a split with Atsea and Rough Music, featuring 5 previously unreleased Anthem Red tracks.

Dancing on the Dishwasher, 2006 - Full length, produced and engineered by Matt Peters (The Waking Eyes).

Plebs, one song on a Leatherface Tribute Album, (Rubber Factory Records) Due out Summer 2007

Demos For Germans, 2007, Split EP with Half-Mast of demos

Set List

Happy Accidents
Power Lines
Cry Out Loud
Broken English
Insomnia Nation
Dancin' on the Dishwasher
Diet Cokes and Stethoscopes

cover repertoire:
Plebs, by Leatherface
Long Island, by That Dog

set time 40 - 50 min