ANTHEMS are an up and coming flame haired female fronted rock band hailing from Brighton and their stadium rock style music has already been compared to the likes of female Guns n Roses, US rockers Avenged Sevenfold and a heavy rock Kate Bush…


Founded by members Jojogingerhead and MJ Rocks who met in a club toilet cubicle in early 2008, they were shortly joined by bass player Holloway and drumming extraordinaire Nick Hill. Together their love
of classic rock music, influences from many other different genres and their endless frustration of the generic blandness they heard from the music industry today, resulted in the tracks you hear now…

Their live shows have made crowd pulling records, and they have played across venues in the South East, London and their hometown of Brighton
(including Concorde2, Barfly and Engine Rooms). ANTHEMS have received extensive radio airplay and are now in the process of recording their album ‘Anthems for Doomed Youth’ (released summer 2009) and organising a tour of southern England for late 2009…

Fiercely ambitious and seriously committed to their cause ANTHEMS are a euphoric rock pop phenomenon on a rampage straight to the top…
and nothing will stand in their way…


Anthems for Doomed Youth vol 1 EP

Set List

1.Knock at the Window
2.Wreck of me
3.Thorn song
4.I deny
6.Cure Yourself
7.Break me Again
8.No More

Performance of up to an hour