A breed of rock passing through tones aggressive and intensely atmospheric, often both at once, showcased through soaring vocals over crushing riffs to melodic lines and harmonies but with an ever-constant pull that holds the listener, driven by the amazing proficiency and songcraft of the band.


Anthesiac, a three-piece alternative rock band that sounds like much more, have been jamming and playing gigs since 2004 but the current incarnation, of which Chris Self and Josh Braden have continued to drive (Sam Hood joining the group on bass in 2007), have honed their sound and released the EP Null and Void last year in 2011, which you can find a link to below, while touring their home country of New Zealand and are currently mixing an eagerly awaited album to follow on that effort titled No Broadcast, due out soon.


Null and Void
Null and Void EP (2011) - Stream and Download on Bandcamp

No Broadcast (2012) - Coming Soon!!