Anthony Butler Reggae

Anthony Butler Reggae


The band is a track/loop performing duo with high energy stage presence and exciting reggae soul tracks.The emphasis is on brotherly love and unity for all mankind and womankind.Our music is a mixture of reggae riffs with funky back beats and soulful lyrics for those who love that funky reggae beat


Being a music major in college at San Francisco State Univ.I had the oppurtunity to explore all kinds of music.After graduating from the NAB School of Music in Norfolk,Va.I played in several different kinds of bands including hard rock.I toured Europe,Canada and Japan extensively with these bands.Fast forward to the presence and I am now at home with my new Reggae/Funk style.What sets us apart from other bands is our uniqe ability to fuse reggae with funk and stay true to the reggae vibe.Joseph and I played in several reggae bands together and decided to put together our own new reggae style together called Anthony Butler Reggae.


This is my 4th record to 1st 2 records were R/B records and wy last 2 have been Reggae/Funk last record was played on community radio in the northwest specifically in the Utah area.

Set List

1.Jah tell'em 2.Rockin That way 3.Jah The Rastafari
4.I Got that Stuff 5.Brand New Heaven 6.Exodus
7.Night Nurse 8.Can't Stop It 9.Come Together 10.1 For The Money 11.Rastafari 12.The Light 13.Hip Trip, to name a few.Our set can range from 30minutes to 60minutes depending on the need.