Anthony Cosmo

Anthony Cosmo


After recording and touring with Boston, talented 27 year old singer-songwriter-musician Anthony Cosmo has created a savory solo entrance. Tastefully infused with a blend of pop and rock influences, this self-produced debut offers a handful of classic, radio-friendly songs that stick.


Anthony's dad, Fran Cosmo (Boston's lead singer) greatly influenced Anthony's desire to get into music... Anthony played his first guitar at age 5 and from there it was history. Years later Anthony joined legendary rock group Boston and went on to write and record three songs on their latest release Corporate America. Anthony Cosmo is now off building his solo debut. In the heartfelt ‘You and Me’ simple lyrics explore the depths of relationships while a paired down arrangement and bright chorus sustain a moving melody in ‘Everything.’ Anthony, who plays every instrument on each track, truly shines as he reflects on fragrant memories in the acoustic and tender ‘Yellow Bloom.’ Bonus tracks of the past showcase Anthony’s incredible flexibility and force behind the mastery of many musical styles. ‘Break of Dawn,’ reminiscent of Linkin Park and 311, is rap-laced with crushing drum detail while ‘After the Rain’ pays homage to Boston with its distinctive vocals. The final track ‘It’s Love’ ventures confidently into the world of techno-pop.

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