Anthony Craver

Anthony Craver



I'm a native Houstonian that has been recently transferred to Lubbock, Texas. The way I see it, it just makes me a more complete Texan so I'm okay with the relocation.

My grandfather, Ted Daffan, was a country music pioneer in recording and songwriting. His songs have been covered by everyone from Ray Charles, Les Paul and Mary Ford to Elton John and Ringo Starr. So I guess that makes me pedigreed in some form or fashion.



Written By: AJ Craver & Joel Ludwig

In the golden light of morning
in midsummertime
a warm breeze is blowing
It brings peace to my mind
in the voices that it carries from afar.......

From the banks of the brazos
where the faithful are praying
Speaking in tongues
I don't know what they're saying
but the gospel that they sing speaks to my heart....

how great thou art


Lone star so deep in my soul

your all that Ihave ever been
and all I've ever known

The west Texas prairie
The east Texas pine

The sweet honeysuckle
That grows on the vine

Lone star....Lone star.....

A pale yellow house
in a field of tall grass
It's shape is silhoutted
against the clouds as they pass
A postcard for my memory to behold...

Now the tree limbs are swaying
from the warm summer breeze
There's work to be done
so we roll up our sleeves
And I can hear the children playing in the yard...

We're proud, but we're simple
And we know who we are...

(Repeat chorus)

So immerse me in the water
of this old muddy river
May my past be forgiven
and my soul be delivered
in the gospel that lives
within my heart....
how great thou art, how great thou art......

(Repeat chorus)