Anthony Curtis Band

Anthony Curtis Band

 Richmond, Virginia, USA



Anthony Curtis was born in Washington D.C. and grew up in rural Lignum, Virginia. It was a kind of musical waystation between the urbanity of Duke Ellington and Virginia’s traditional mountain music heritage. At a very early age he was drawn to music. He loved the trumpet first, began playing the guitar at age seven, and sang in the church choir.
He is a musician, composer, and teacher devoted to exploring sound. He has founded numerous bands, among them the Anthony Curtis Band 2000-2013 with Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel)Mike Keneally(Frank Zappa, Steve Vai) Boom with Pippin Barnett (Curlew, Fred Frith) and Greg LaBudde (Hammersmith, Loibon) (1994-99), Ja’Lu (1990-93), Firehand (1992-93), and Sonic Mandala (1988-91).

His albums include Book Of The Key (2005), Ratios (2010), Orpheus in the Rays (2010" One Hour Talisman (1997), Squint (1994), Everything is Relative (1991), Variations on the Theme of Being (1989), and The Deepest Seat (1987). He has taught extensively and helped to launch Qatar Music Academy. In addition to his musical pursuits, he has delved deeply into meditative and spiritual traditions including Platonism, Dzogchen, and Sufism.

Curtis went to Qatar in 2000 where he spent two and a half years absorbing the light and music of the Arab world. He played concerts with a variety of Indian percussionists and singers and partnered with Vittorio Uldorico from Eritrea.

Returning to his home in Richmond, Virginia in 2003, he began playing concerts with local funk, fusion, jazz, and rock players and planning his upcoming album with LA producer Ronan Chris Murphy. The inspiration for the project came from the Middle East: the desert, the sea, the meeting of east and west, and the beloved Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum.

Book of the Key was recorded in Los Angeles in December of 2003 and January of 2004 and features Tony Levin on bass and Chapman Stick, Lewis Pragasam from Malaysia on drums and percussion, Mike Keneally on Fender Rhodes, Jeff Gauthier on violin, and Ronan Chris Murphy on harmonium. Augusta and Paulina Einarsdottir of Elf Films are producing a DVD that includes interviews with all the performers, behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the album, as well as a guitar master class entitled “Yoga of Sound Seminar I.”

The album is released by Jester Records in . Kim Solve and Trine Paulsen designed the stunning album art. Anthony is giving concerts in the mid-Atlantic usa, Norway, and Europe in general, and the Middle East.

“Anthony Curtis plays with conviction and a rare technical command.” Jim Ferguson Guitar Player Magazine – July 1989
“Anthony’s virtuosity is tremendous, he is new music.” Pat Martino 1987

“One of the most advanced guitarists today.” W. Royal Stokes The Washington Post – November 1989

“The Antman’s vocabulary includes the snarls and tremolo free-for-alls that come from the best atonally oriented “rock” guitaroids like Andy Gill, Hendrix, and Thurston Moore.” Rob Thornton RTFM – September 1994

“An electric guitar that moans and burbles to his touch…like the long, winding improvisations of Southern field hollers and church moans.” Clarke Bustard Richmond Times-Dispatch – August 1989

“Anthony is one of the most technically advanced guitarists on the planet and a truly unique artist.” Veneto West Newsletter - Spring 2004

“Richmond is lucky enough to call guitar player Anthony Curtis one of its own.” Jay Smack Ninevolt – April 2004

“Renowned for his inventive fret-board mastery, Curtis plays like a wild banshee capable of making a guitar squeal, moan and emote in ways once thought unimaginable.” Chris Bopst - March 2004

“Anthony Curtis’ guitar work has always resisted easy categorization. Some call it prog, some space rock, others heavy fusion. He’s often compared to Sonny Sharrock and Dave Fuiczinski.” Richmond Music Journal – May 2004

“He can be instrumental in seeing some of the indigenous music of the Middle East have wider acceptance in the West.” Chitra Sugandam Gulf Times – December 2000

"Curtis sifts through all sorts of multi-textures, fuzzy sustain, and exploratory guitar riffs as his band mates lay down rhythms, textures, and harmonies to propel each song." Dave Wright Progressive Ears - 26 May 2004

"One freakishly talented guitar player with an equally freaky approach to the allmighty axe.” Jester News – November 2004


“A mind blowing epic mix of jazz, prog and world music.” Veneto West Newsletter - Spring 2004
"A very textured and spacey mix of prog rock, jazz fusion, and avant-garde sounds.” Pete Pardo Sea of Tranquility - March 2004

"Mahavishnu Orchestra, comes to mind pretty quickly, also Anthony's guitar style reminds me of Sonny Sharrock. Steve Tibbets, Weather Report, and Power Tools also come to mind when listening. There are elements of jazz fusion, funk, world-prog, prog-metal and other styles and textures running throughout this well-made album." Dave Wright