Anthony da Costa

Anthony da Costa

 Pleasantville, New York, USA

Anthony da Costa is a Singer/Songwriter from Pleasantville, NY. His influences range from Bob Dylan and Dan Bern to Ryan Adams and Johnny Cash. He writes his own material and has released 2 solo CDs and another 2 with his band, Gary and Anthony.


Anthony da Costa, who turned 15 on January 3, is a folk/indie/alt rock, singer/songwriter from Pleasantville, New York. The youngest member of the folk collective, Tribes Hill, Anthonys influences range from Bob Dylan and The Band, to Dan Bern and the Beatles, to Neil Young and Sufjan Stevens, to Ryan Adams and Hank Williams, Sr.

Known for his unique interpretations of classics ranging from Dylans Boots of Spanish Leather to Berns God Said No, Anthony is gaining strong acceptance for his original work with a prolific output, of late. His 2005 debut EP, "Already There," featured five of his songs, while his first full CD, Rearrange, due in May, will include 15 originals. Anthony is also an accomplished musician, playing guitar, harp, piano, djembe and trombone, and about anything else he picks up.

Anthonys performance schedule is equally prolific. He is a regular on the Westchester coffee house circuit, and is expanding to NYC, Connecticut, New Jersey and beyond. He has monthly gigs where he plays straight, two-hour sets at Coffee Labs Roasters in Tarrytown and the Dragonfly Caf in Pleasantville. Anthony has also performed solo shows at the Postcrypt Coffeehouse at Columbia University, the Peekskill Coffee House, the Common Ground Coffee House (Hastings), the Starving Artist Caf & Gallery (City Island), the Circle of Friends Coffeehouse (Pleasantville), the Black Cow (Croton), and DTUT and C-Note in Manhattan, among other venues. He played the Towne Crier in Pawling, where he was first, runner-up to Pat Wictor in the 2005 Open Mic Competition, and was featured at the 2005 Pleasantville Music Festival. Anthonys greatest joy is sharing the stage with great singer/songwriters, many of whom are fellow Tribes Hill members. They include Matt Turk, Montgomery Delaney, Pat Wictor, Red Molly, Rich Deans, Fred Gillen, Jr., Hope Machine and even Pete Seeger! He is inspired by their musical artistry and integrity, and does all he can to promote their gigs and recordings, ending each weekly e-blast to friends and fans with the request: Support Live Music..Peace, Anthony.


Matters of the Heart

Written By: Anthony da Costa

I want her
I need her
and yet i don't

it all seems
so pointless
love her i wont

this world's so
what's going on?

i have no
what's going on?

the toughest battles to fight
are often matters of the heart
i dont know what to think is right
i dont know where to start

i live so
lovin' and losin'

i seem to
be helpless
its all her choosing

the toughest battles to fight
are often matters of the heart
i dont know what to think is right
i dont know where to start

so why dont you turn on the light
so we can start?

(c) 2006 Anthony da Costa

Leaving Song

Written By: Anthony da Costa

I don't wanna waste your time
but you're wasting mine
i just wanna let you know
i'm bound to go

so far from here
where there is no fear
and i don't have to worry about you
unless you want me to

this has gone on for too long
so goodbye, so long
i can't find a reason to stay
so i'll go away

you told me so
so i'll let you go
and i'll never call you again
and i'll never call you my friend

i can't give you anything that you desire
that's what im told
i've learned to be less bold
and more realistic

i don't wanna waste your time
but you're wasting mine
i just wanna let you know
i'm about to go

(c) 2006 Anthony da Costa


Solo Releases-
Already There E.P. (2005)
Rearrange L.P. (2006)

Gary and Anthony Releases-
Gary and Anthony L.P. (2006)
E.B.A (2006)

Set List

includes a large catalogue of Anthony's original songs, both released and unreleased, as well as cover songs from artists such as-

Bob Dylan
Ryan Adams
Dan Bern
Jenny Lewis
Fred Gillen Jr
Neil Young
Johnny Cash
Hank Williams
and more..