"That Banjo Guy" Anthony Damiao

"That Banjo Guy" Anthony Damiao

 Guelph, Ontario, CAN

Banjo slayer, songwriter, folk-punk suitcase kicker


"A better banjo player than me fo' shizzle"
- CR Avery

"Guelph is ****ing lucky to have him"
- Roger Marin

I grew up listening to early new wave bands and British Isle punkers, all of them held together by a Beatles cassette which lived in my father's truck.

Always a writer in one regard or another, I found my storytelling nature most sincerely connected to the folk tradition. Finding inspiration in the likes of Bob Dylan, Amelia Curran, Tom Waits and Joe Strummer, I have spent my years as a songwriter expanding upon the grey area between folk storytelling and rock n roll.

My efforts in the folk/roots genre have earned me performances at NXNE and the S.C.E.N.E. Music Festival among others, and a Canadian tour from Ontario to Newfoundland. They have also gained the attention of award winning Canadian folk artists with whom I have been privileged enough to share the stage. (Amelia Curran, Ben Caplan, C.R. Avery, Charlotte Cornfield, Jason Webley-- Seattle folk hero).

Coming from a theatrical entertainment background, I cherish the laughs and the singalongs with live audiences just as much as I enjoy the moments of quiet and reflection more often associated with folk music. My songs stretch from the witty and goofy, to the capturing of human experience with sound, words, and energy.

I have recorded one EP which has been featured on CBC Radio 1s On The Go and am currently working on my first full length release.

See you on the road,
Anthony Damiao

Festival and Performance Experience:

- Canadian Music Week 2013
- NXNE 2012
- S.C.E.N.E. Music Festival 2012
- Winterfolk 2013
- Folk Alliance showcase 2013
- Come Together Music Festival 2012
- Cicada Music Festival 2012
- KOI Music Festival 2012
- Broken Arts Music Festival 2012
- KW Non-Violence Festival 2012
- Fresh Water Jamboree 2012
- Kitchener Earth Day 2012
- Midsummer Madness Festival 2011, near St John, NB
- Eastern Canada tour 2011
- Have shared the stage with: Amelia Curran, Ben Caplan, CR Avery, Jason Webley (Evelyn Evelyn, Amanda Palmer), Charlotte Cornfield and others


Walk Around

Written By: Anthony Damiao

Chords are basically C and Am through most of the song.

Gonna buy me a racing car
Drive it off the track
Wanna motor down the highway
I ain't ever coming back

Drive it to the theatre
I'll drive it to the bank
and I'll drive it to the poor house
after filling up the tank, alright.

Tool around Ontario
I'll find myself a girl
Who can tolerate me long enough
To drive around the world

Take her to the Netherlands
Smoke up in the bars
I'll take her to Saskatchewan
and sleep under the stars

Gonna lose myself a racing car
find myself a boat
gonna drop the anchor down
then I'll throw away the rope
and float around
float around

Well when I sink that boat
I'll have to get a motorbike
Acquire a mean mean thirst
to do exactly what I like

Rustle up a posse with
nothing else to do
I'll drive from town to town
Maybe get me a tatoo, alright

But for now I'm fine to sleep here
with the radio on
Oh for now I'm trying to sleep here
with the radio on
with the radio on

Gonna mutilate my motorbike
run it to the ground
if it's here in Waterloo
I'll be glad to walk around
walk around, walk around

Find a couple friends
some folks who like my sound
If I can't find none I'll be glad to walk around
walk around wooohee...


Upcoming Full length to be released in May 2013

Anthony Damiao- 2011 EP

My first selftitled EP recieved radio play on CBC Radio 1's "On The Go" in St. John's, Newfoundland and also recieves regular radioplay on www.ruckusradio.com , Radio Laurier, and Kitchener-Waterloo's "Sound FM"

Jack and the Beanstalk- single 2010

I'd Buy Yours- 2010 (8 track demo collection)

Set List

Anthony requires a minimal range of equipment in order to play:

- acoustic amplification
- Vocal Microphone