A. Doulos

A. Doulos

 Oakland, California, USA
BandHip Hop

This is hip-hop at its purest - straight from the heart and all about Jesus. Lyrically, A. Doulos is intellectual and thought-provoking. He's unique because his flow has a distinct West Coast flavor. His smooth and laid-back delivery makes his complex rhyme schemes and message a pleasure to digest.


Anthony Nelson grew up in Oakland, California. He got into hip-hop as a teenager and his career took off (locally) when he hooked up with Too Short's group, the Dangerous Crew. Then called Ant Diddley Dog, he was a part of a duo called Bad-N-Fluenz, and they were promising prodigies in the secular West Coast rap world. Back then, in the mid-to-late 90s, Oakland's gangsta rap scene was thriving as an underground hotbed. The likes of Too Short, Bad-N-Fluenz, Tha Luniz (famous for the "I Got Five On It" song) and ThreeXKrazy highlighted Oakland's hardcore rap scene, which put the Bay Area on the map long before the Hyphy Movement.
But the tragic death of his partner and friend, Rappin Ron, changed everything for Nelson. Most important, it initiated a journey that led him to the safe bosom of Jesus. He is now Ant Diddley Doulos (which means "a servant") and he's using his talent as a rapper for the cause of Christ.
His influences then were Rappin' Ron, Too Short, E-40, Ant Banks, 2Pac, Dr. Dre and Snoop. His influence now is Jesus, and the children of God who proudly proclaim Christ's name.
Nelson is lyrically superior because of his Spirit-guided wisdom and seemingly endless well of creativity. He is unique in the Holy Hip Hop arena because his experience and success from his career in gangsta rap, because of which he has a refreshing command and understanding of his skills, and an efficient work ethic. He has worked with and learned from some legends in West Coast hip-hop, and his polish is evidenced in his music.
His professional background, his amazing story of transformation, his unbridled and unwavering dedication to the Word of God, his perspective as a loving husband and father, his work in ministry and in the pulpit - it all comes together to make a powerful spokes man for the Savior.


The Rich Man

Written By: Anthony Nelson

Verse One
Now there’s was a man who fared sumptuously
Sat back like a fat cat in his easy chair comfortably
Never went without something to eat

Took trips to London and Greece and in the same day flew to LA
to parlay to get some sun on the beach

Then went back to relax at his mansion in the Oakland hills
He road on wheels that all the flatland jackers hoped to steal

But he didn’t get his money illegally Using thievery
While they slanged keys for G’s he received a PHD
From an ivy league

Hotter than a fire breathing dragon
Had mo money than you could even imagine
His passion

Was Jags with matching jackets and bags of cabbage
His fashion habits was lavish
He laughed at average

But platinum, gold and rolls of Benjamins
couldn’t buy his way out of the sin he was livin in

Cause as he collected possessions from his profession
he neglected directions from He who supplies the blessings

The rich man never thought his soul should be saved (saved)
So he never once thought about the day he would go to the grave (grave)
And he spent too much time with his mind on things that quickly decay (decay)
So he never once tried to investigate Christ the one true way (true way)

Verse two
Now every morning this rich man would leave his estate
nd walk right pass this poor man who would be at his gate

Day to day, see he didn’t have a place to stay or steak and eggs
so he just kinda laid and begged

His name was Lazarus
and he used to ask for crust and crumbs that fell from the rich man's table who used to pass him up

Plus he had more sores on his skin than a small pox victim
and when the neighborhood dogs saw him they all stopped to lick him

But the rich man just dissed him
and made it his position not to trip off his condition

his mission was getting ends
in a limited addition Benz
he had no time for insufficient men but then

He had no time for Matthew 19:21 thru 24 either
to see why that rich young ruler ignored the rebirth

The thought never occurred he had to serve to be first
cause he never heard the teacher

he was to preoccupied with trying to increase his pocket size
his motto was keep them profits high and not on what Jesus prophesied

He was fly like a helicopter ride
but never followed the Hollowed Be Thy Name like a proselyte

And he was no different than men and women today
who live in sin delay getting that cleansing if they obey

And they stay with that mind set that the soul is unimportant
but as you’ll soon find out along with doubt comes misfortune


Verse three
Now as the years flew by it was time for these two guys to die
but while the poor man loved the lord the rich man just never knew Christ

Besides his life was going as planned
and every time he made a move it was smooth as a jazz band

Then it happened one night by a trash can
the poor man died and the angels carried him up high

But the rich man died also and was put in a grave
and unfortunately his rebellious soul just couldn’t be saved
he was paid

But the riches stayed when they buried his body with leaves and dirt
but what did follow him was his ungodly deeds on earth

first it was heat and flames gnashing of teeth and pain
screams and yells then he realized I died and must be in hell (help!)

Then he lifted up his eyes
and to his surprise he seen Abraham and Lazarus sitting at his side

He started to cry and was ready to try repentance and change
and said let "Lazarus bring water and ice I’m tormented in this flame"

"I can’t," said Abraham the father of faith. "There’s a great space between you and I so don’t try to escape."

"But wait" said the rich man, "since I’m stuck, Sir, can you send Lazarus back to the suburbs and tell my brothers to get covered

in the blood?"
"I’m sorry their Ears are plugged and they heart is harder than the heart of the con artist Beelzebub

but maybe someone hears the tragedy of your life
will get it right with his majesty Jesus the Christ


Why Not?

Written By: Anthony Nelson

Verse one

Galatians 2:16 says by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified
that’s why the word had to become flesh and die
I testify

Christ broke down the wall of separation
so let’s all make preparations for that flawless destination

An expiration date is appointed to each man once
then after this is the judgment
so which will it be heaven or the oven
Just love him

Christ who died as the perfect sacrifice
so man can live in the afterlife where the glory of god will cast the light

Brighter than halogen
his knowledge surpasses anthropologists and man-made colleges
he created the wisdom given to Solomon

Sodom and Gomorrah is the horror that iniquity brings
so why not get with the redeemed and be apart of victories team

His blood continuous rinses me clean
please believe and summit to baptism, come in contact with him, let the blood cover you like the Grinch is in green
This isn’t a dream

For all those who overdosing on sleeping pills
wake up cause when he come you bet not be sleeping still

You done tried a little stealing
Why not try God?
You done tried drug dealing
Why not try God?
You done tried some killing
Why not get cleaned up? Why trust Jesus? Why not?

You done tried fornication
Why not try God?
You done tried intoxication
Why not try God?
You done tried incarceration
Why not get cleaned up? Why not trust Jesus? Why not?

Verse two
It’s truly amazing how some put faith in the theory of Darwinism
and say that a man's family is here 'cause a chimpanzee evolved from a single organism

Never meditating on the revelation of Genesis the first chapter
but if you sincerely want truth the word of God is the proof to search after

And focus closely like a binocular lens
stop hopping on popular trends, especially those that’s trying to convince you that there’s a profit in sin
But then again

You might think it feels good obeying the lust of the flesh
Watching our daughters and sistas on videos display their butt and their breasts

Yes I know you got them drugs and them chrome nines
just in case you wanna shed the blood of your own kind

But have you ever looked at Jeremiah 10:23
To see more, that the Word is the key to the door that makes many men free

Time is getting shorter than Mini Me’s knee
and the enemy is creeping like a centipede read II Timothy 3

1 thru 5, which describes the condition of man
you done tried living in sin
Why not let Christ fix you within?


Verse three
Why not sit back and listen a second get into this lesson?
Why not accept the gift of this message instead of missing ya blessings?

Why not be a sheep in Jesus flock? Why not try to understand that every man is subject to God’s word whether he believes or not?

I know those Bentley roses on twenty-fozes is like hypnosis confusing yo focus
fueling yo motives

Now aint nothing wrong with getting riches businesses and property
but you missing it if you stricken with spiritual poverty

Why not keep yo eyes facing at heaven?
Why not escape the place where the heat causes much more than dehydration and sweating?

Why not put down the beer, the weed, the sin, the sex and the crack pipes?
Why not hear, believe, repent, confess and be baptized?

Why not get rid of them idols and dig in to that bible
tonight so you can kick sin for revival and get stitched in a white robe?

The final hour is now bow down to the Son quick
Why not be prepared when Christ bust open the clouds at the sound of a trumpet?




Self-titled album Bad-N-Fluenz (1995, 12 songs)
Also appeared on:
*Cell Block Compilation II: Face/Off (1998, two songs)
*Ant Banks' "Big Thangs" album (1997, one song)
*Cell Block Compilation (1996, two songs)
*Mr. Ill's "Rebirth" album (1996, two songs)
*Ant Banks "Do or Die" album (1995, wrote one song)
*Askari X's "Message to the Black Man" album (1995, one song)
*Goldy's "In the Land of Funk" album (1995, one song)
*Too Short's "Get In Where You Fit In" album (1993, one song)
*Ant Banks "The Big Bada**" album (1993, two songs)