Anthony Everest

Anthony Everest

 London, England, GBR

No1, 25 Weeks, Jazz Charts & Top12, 156 Weeks, Jazz Charts (Reverbnation). Jazz-Soul, Songwriter & Singer. Great Voice, great feel lots of tone, sense of blues, sultry-ness, soulful, very melodic, laid back & versatile. Think Billie Holliday or Jimmy Scott with lots of stage presence.


ANTHONY EVEREST – Songwriter / Singer

I am a Jazz-Soul, Pop Songwriter-Singer from London with a high register for a guy. Tall, of African decent, blessed with charming good looks, and excellent stage presence.

Vocally, many say I'm unique and my phrasings exude classy jazz, blues, soul and gospel undertones. Some people think it’s a record playing when I start to sing. I started singing in church and felt like I've always been connected to these roots through out my musical journey.

Written over 500 songs and still counting. Thoroughly, original and amazing quirky cover interpretations.

Self taught - Piano / Keyboards – sufficiently to write songs, or do self accompanied acoustic solo spots.

A major recording / publishing contract will be a dream, plus major fantastic producers to work with and/or brilliant talented like minded artists to collaborate with.

I'm happy with creating my own niche and quirky original music, which may one day translate to main stream pop.

I started singing in church and that spirit never left me. I've played O2, African Music Awards, Festivals, Ronnie's Jazz Club, sang in schools and churches. My music inspires people and effects change; positively. I'd like to keep it that way.

Currently - putting together a new album - Road To Freedom but avail for Live Performances - worldwide.

Have a backing band of competent session musicians.
Keys, base, drums, guitar and sometimes with sax including background singers.

Sets run anything from 15 to 90 mins. Originals mainly, but if requested; Jazz, Soul & Pop re- worked-covers, can be introduced for good measure.

Also I play as an - Acoustic Duo, Trio or Full Band.

In rear occasions - if requested by a client - Backing Tracks or Play backs can be used - sometimes, coupled with a Live Wind (Violin, Sax etc) instrument or Live Rhythmic (Guitar, Base, Piano, Percussive) instrument.

Follow Your Dreams: (SYNOPSIS)

Follow Your Dreams: Was no1 for 25 weeks on the Jazz charts (Reverbnation) and stayed top14 for 3 years consecutively since released in 2009.

I am a songwriter. My songs are an interpretation of my day to day emotions.. Whether sad, angry, depressed or full of joy - there’s always a story a narrative to tell and my songs are a creative way to allay and express my emotions in a positive way. That's why I write, singing is then the medium through which I convey myself outwardly.

My songs bring simplicity to life full of chaos as it is – they are wholesome and melodic and yet memorable so as to keep you entangled in its hypnotic spirit enhancing vibe. This isn’t a typical album but an exploration of a greater intent that was temporarily derailed by the travails in life I was going through at that time.

I was depressed and became narcoleptic. Nobody was interested in my music or my career. I was fired from every job you can think of. So I struggled creatively but I'm proud of my struggles because it’s part of the story of who I am.

I have been blessed by life through the thorns it has weaved into my flesh because without it the better spirit that I am today would not have been possible. I see all obstacles in life as a reason to step forward and challenge the inner spirit in me.

I am grateful to those who have been part of my journey through pain through sorrow and in light. Namely my family and friends.

I am thankful to God the author of my salvation and strength who has bestowed great gifts upon me that I am unworthy of.

I asked God for the “gift of music” in my late teens with all my heart and promised to glorify him with it. It’s a gift I cherish greatly and it’s a gift I will continue to honour him with.

Blessings and light be unto those who find love and happiness in my music. As the hope of light shines upon you it shines upon the people closest to you and as the love shines through you it shines upon those that connect with you.

Follow Your Dreams: Was no1 for 25 weeks on the Jazz charts and stayed top14 for 3 years consecutively since released in 2009.

It is proof that you can achieve whatever in life you truly believe in. It was an independent effort with no major label backing.

It’s easily one of the most challenging projects I’ve ever attempted to undertake. Betrayal and loneliness had to combated with fortitude and unwavering faith. This album is the gift of my victory.

Everything in my life was giving up on me: but this soothing gentle voice in my heart in the studio one day in the middle of a take, told me 'You have to find a way to get back into your brain again'. It’s a voice I would recognise even if the whole world was collapsing around me, it’s a voice I would never say no to.

That moment of inspiration was the all I needed to sustain me during the process of making the album. “Foll


Follow Your Dreams (Anthony Everest / J Tilley)
Released Jan 2009
(12 Tracks)

Follow Your Dreams Reached No1 for 25 weeks on \the UK and Global Jazz Charts (Reverbnation);and still is top 14 on the Jazz Charts for over 156 weeks solid.

Road To Freedom
Release Date 2012
(14 Tracks)

Writer: Anthony Everest
Producers: Anthony Everest / Henley Simpson

Set List

Follow Your Dreams
How Is life
I get No Love
Kiss me baby
Never Around
What a day
Have you thought about it
When the clock ticks
I love you
What a day
Always Rise
I wish you new
Say it (Swing)
Say it
I got something (groovy)
All Mine
You call me baby
Loveless etc
Your Love
Bon Ni kin Bu
etc over 500 songs

God Bless The Child
My baby cares for me
All Of Me
What a wonderful
Saving all my love,
Stormy Weather
My Girl
When the going gets tough
Dock of the bay
Lady is a tramp
I will survive (Swing)
Blue Moon
Cheek To Cheek
Cry Me a River
I've got you under mys skin
Autum leaves
For once in my life
When I fall in love
Fly me to the moon
Lullaby of Bird land
it Could happen to you
The Masquerade is over
The nearness of you
Chelsea Bridge
I've never been in Love Before
There will never be another you
Natural Woman/Man