Anthony Gibney

Anthony Gibney


"Gibney is a talented writer and singer with wit to avoid the obvious, but without straying far from the beaten track." -Jackie Hayden Hotpress......


Not to be confused with the standard singer armed with acoustic guitar, Anthony goes beyond this theory playing different guitar styles combined with soulful lyrics. Performances vary from intimate solo acoustic sessions and full on rock shows to alternative and eclectic shows which have seen accompaniment from congas, clarinet and violin.

He is backed by The Durrty Stopouts who consist of Ross Nelson on bass and John Murphy on drums and percussion.

Anthony released a single "STANDING IN THE DARKNESS" in May 2008. It spent 4 weeks in the top 10 on the charts. Check out for more details.

To date, Anthony has shared the stage with Dave Geraghty (Bell x1), Kieron Black and The Amazing Few, Matt Lunsun and Steve Wall to name but a few. He has received considerable amounts of airplay stretching as far as Boston, USA. In April 2006, Anthony was filmed performing one of his songs by an Irish television crew for a series about Irish songwriters, which was aired in November 2006 on RTE 2.
His debut single "Ritual" was featured on the compilation CD: Oven Songs which was distributed with the April 2007 edition of Totally Dublin.

He supported the amazing Irish Singer/Songwriter Nick Kelly on Irish tour in October 2008. During March and April of 2009 he played lead guitar for Simon Fagan's Irish tour as well as recording guitar for his Hired and Fired EP.

Aside from his own material, Anthony has also performed and recorded with other artists such as Lisa McLaughlin, Brian McGovern and Mags Buckley to name but a few. With whom he has supported The Goo Goo Dolls, Something Happens and Jaymay to name but a few.



Written By: anthony gibney

Heaven forgive me for I have tried
To take comfort on your side
I am not lost or looking for grace
And I refuse the lies that come from this place
I can’t pretend that I still believe
In a house that’s full of lies and thieves

Do I fall like a tear from your eye?
Do you fear my love will die?
Oh ritual, my heart is open wide

Please don’t forgive me for I have sinned
I don’t know where I should begin
I have no need to find consolation
Or look for redemption in the arms of strangers
A song in soul that plays through my bones
Of angel horns and devil trombone


Written By: anthony gibney

It’s just the road, the moon and me
It’s been a long day and I’m tired at the wheel
I’m leaving the city and the bright lights behind
Goodbye to another day and the wheel I have to grind

It’s just gone two when I pull into the drive
Turn off the lights and step into the night
I see the bedroom lights turn off when I push in the key
Creep up the stairs where I know, you’re waiting for me

Tonight I’ll glide through the stars
So far from harm
There is a weight on my chest
That will lay me to rest, to rest

I feel you shiver when I climb into bed
You’re bodies so warm and I’m cold like the dead
I reach out and place my hand by your side
To trace out the lines cut from the night

Tonight I’ll glide through the stars
So far from harm
There is a weight on my chest
That will lay me to rest, to rest
And you can mend it, and you can fix it
And you can leave it to rest, to rest


"Standing in the darkness" single: May 2008.
Spent 5 weeks in the top 10 of the charts on release. Anthony was interviewed on Phantom FM, DSFM and other stations for the launch of the single. The single has received airplay in Boston and North Carolina aswell.

"Ritual" single: release date August 2006.
"Ritual" was featured on the compliation CD: Oven Songs which was distributed with the April 2007 edition of Totally Dublin. Oven Songs: was a compilation CD of the best peformers from the Sunady Roast Sessions. The b-side "Leave your sorrow by the sea" was one of the most downloaded songs from the website. The single has recieved airplay in Boston and North Carolina.

Little Muse: limited edition January 2006

Set List

1. Need
2. Tear in the sky
3. Pariah song
4. Ritual
5. Leave your sorrow by the sea
6. Spoon
7. Don't lie to me
8. Night time prayer
9. Little Muse
10. We're not there.

Additional songs
11. Distant
12. Falling Fast
13. If you don't ask
14. Idle
15. I don't deserve you
16. Balance
17. Is it time
18. Awake
19. I can't promise you