Anthony Hall Acoustic

Anthony Hall Acoustic

 Spokane, Washington, USA

Anthony is an emotionally driven,pop oriented, solo acoustic musician. With heart-wrenching lyrics, and contagious guitar melody's, Anthony has been capturing the hearts and ears of anyone who takes the time to listen. Giving nothing but pure passion in every performance.


Now 20 years old, Anthony plays live for anyone and everyone who will listen "I'll never turn down a jam sesh! No matter how sick or tired or busy I am, I'm always down to jam for people." Flying solo, Anthony started writing and playing Guitar/Piano at the beginning of his sophomore year of High School in 2004. Since then he's shared the stage with acts such as; Hey Monday, The Scene Aesthetic, Trevor Hall, Mayday Parade, and many others. "I've tried starting bands, but it never seemed to work-out. I love collaborating with other musicians though."

"I do not credit any of my success on 'raw talent' I practice A LOT!! When I first started playing music, my own family didn't even want to hear me play. I spent many hours by myself, practicing! At this point wether Im performing or practicing at home, I like to clock anywhere from 5 to 10 hours a day." Dedicated and determined, he strives to achieve one thing. Recognition on a professional level.

When asked about his musical influences, he replied, "I've been influenced by artists like John Mayer, Van Morrison, Justin Timberlake, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Allen Stone, Jason Mraz ect. But most of my strongest influences come from the smallest things, I listen to music, but it's much more than that. From a production perspective I dissect and study sound, instrumentation, and technique. From an artists perspective I listen for song structure, phrasing, and performance of ever artist I listen to. It's almost like I study music rather than listen to it."

Anthony just released (november 2009) his second EP 'She Was Summer'. He is already hard at work on his Debut, full length album. "I've learned so much. My songwriting has changed completely. From song structure and phrasing to performance and presence. I've definitely matured as an artist and my full length album will definitely convey the maturity I'm talking about"

To finish the interview Anthony made it clear how passionate and honest he is about his music. Ending the discussion with "Music is not my life, but my life-line."


Aha! the Sampler - exclusive itunes (2007)
She Was Summer - itunes 2009

Set List

Prayin' For Rain
All We Need
We're Gonna Make It
The Ugly Truth

Oasis - Wonder Wall
Ben Harper - Walk away
Jack Johnson - Better Together
Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
Tom Petty - Free Fallin