Anthony Jay

Anthony Jay

 Decatur, Georgia, USA
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Anthony Jay is, as he himself has said “the best of both worlds”, where he is not only from the streets, but a highly creative intellectual. He was formerly known as "Prince Gudda", but growing both as a person and within music, he saw best to put forth a truer reflection of who he is, and no longer hide behind the stage name, which he viewed as only a personified version of himself. Anthony Jay brings a sophisticated appeal to hip-hop as he tells about his struggle and experiences from living the unbalanced life that he did.. The hip-hop phenomenon brings a ‘tell it like it is’ mentality to his music, as he showcases both well-versed lyricism, and creativity. Born Anthony Johnson in Miami Fl., Prince Gudda is a young man who knows a life of struggle. Born into a family of 7, he has experienced the ups and downs the street life, and financial distress. Yet, he took his experiences and made them become motivational, by finding an outlet in music. In his early years as an artist, he took many different routes. He began singing at a young age, with a group of family members, but as they lost interest in music, he never did and continued to pursue it. He was in the band since middle school, playing percussion and other instruments. In addition to this, he took more of an interest in the rap side of music, and began to write his first rhymes around the same time. As he grew, his talents were quickly recognized, and he had a few relationships that allowed him to elevate as an artist and businessman. He worked for a few years independently, and joined the group X-thuggs in high school. But after realizing his potential as a solo act, he pursued his craft whole-heartedly. Going from P. Gudda to Prince Gudda, and now Anthony Jay, he lets people truly see the fire that was within him, as he grew as an artist and as a man holding nothing back, and speaking reality about situations that others do not.

The young artist brings a new mind frame to his music, being not only a rapper, but also a singer, writer, producer, engineer, graphic designer, and among other things and all around businessman. He strives to work hard in all aspects of his career, from his captivating stage performances, to his creative graphic designs and his quality music production. Working in the entertainment business for over 10 years, he has taken the time to master his craft as an artist. He takes the time to give his fans not only a peek into his life, but to do it with charismatic attitude that simply cannot be ignored. As a producer, he has produced a large amount of the tracks that he released, and has engineered all of his own sessions. He creates his own graphic designs, and works hard to promote himself, and expand his work in the entertainment world. He also works on his own record label, magazine company, and radio show, with many more projects to come.

Growing up listening to a blend of old and new school R&B, as well as a blend of truly lyrical rappers, and being surrounded in a bass music environment, Prince Gudda takes bits and pieces of all these things to elevate the sound of his music. His tracks reflect his percussion knowledge, while his lyrics implement the true to the heart element found in a lot of old school R&B, as well as the story telling aspect of early lyrically-sound hip hop artists. The rapper sings on some of his hooks, pours forth the grimy element of some of his life while still combining the feel-good essence found in a lot of R&B, even when he doesn’t sing.

As Anthony Jay has grown, he released several projects that have all been consistent with giving the public an insight not only into his life, but to the way he sees the world. After featuring on several mixtapes, including the 850’s Hottest Vol. 2, he released his first solo single “So Alone” on iTunes, which gave precedent to several shows throughout Florida, including FAMU homecoming in 2009. He continued to master his crafts, and released the “Last Man Standing” mix


For My Dawgs Single—2012;
Droppin Down Single—2011;
The Phenomenon LP—2011;
So Alone Single—2010;
Last Man Standing The Mixtape LP—2010;
Back To The Streets LP—2009;
X-thuggs EP—2005

Set List

Closer to my dreams
I GO HARD FT mz Shae D
In the club ft Mizz Lizz
Ni*#as aint real
for my dawgs ft Mizz Lizz