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The best kept secret in music


"Artist Review-Anthony Marcus"

"Anthony Marcus is a talented guitarist who has a remarkable gift for crafting electrifying instrumental compositions that play to the strengths of his considerable virtuosity.

"Distant Lands" , his debut CD, serves as an excellent introduction to a New Jersey musician who deserves an opportunity to find his place among people not only like Ernie Isley and Jimi Hendrix, but Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani and others.

There is little doubt that Marcus can play his instrument with the best; it's his writing skills that ultimately lift his performance beyond most rock guitar pomposity. His music is instantly captivating and yet strong enough to bear repeated listens.

His guitar symphonies are nothing less than spectacular, mixing mellifluous solos in the context of contemporary rockand fusion. It would truly be a shame if the world dosen't discover the talents of Anthony Marcus. He deserves to be a household name.

- Mark Newman
Progression Magazine - Mark Newman-Progression Magazine


"Distant Lands"
Release Date: March 2004
Label: Finyl Cut Records

"...I Create"
Release Date: July 2007
Label: Finyl Cut Records

"Finale', So Far" (EP)
Release Date: October 2007
Label: Finyl Cut Communications

Material from "Distant Lands" can be heard on: (select the Discography button)

Material from "...I Create" can be heard on: (in the Artist Search box, type in: Anthony Marcus)

Material from "Finale', so far" can be heard on:


Feeling a bit camera shy


"Sing unto Him a new song; play skillfully with a loud noise..."

Psalms 33:3

Born in Oceanside, California, raised in Passaic, New Jersey, the younger of two children, Anthony Marcus was influenced by music at an early age. His father, an ex-marine staff sergeant, his mother held various positions in the workforce until finally settling into credit and collections.

Music came naturally to Anthony, upon auditioning for the elementary school band, the instructor told him that he had a "natural ear" and could play any instrument he wanted to.

It was the age of 9 when Anthony decided he wanted to play guitar

"My cousin was taking guitar lessons, and he and I were close. I have always had a fascination with the guitar, and I wanted to learn as well."

So began the years of "self teaching". Anthony purchased 2 books, from these books he discovered chord structures and soloing.

Many influences are responsible for the molding and shaping of Anthony Marcus as an artist.

As well as music within the secular world, Anthony was also influenced by gospel music as well. Being assigned the task of choir director at the age of 12, Anthony learned not only the musical assembly of instruments, but vocals as well.

"God will always be the main part in my life, not only in the past, but in the present as well. I feel that my talent in music is a God given talent, and as such I use this talent that He has bestowed upon me to glorify His name. Let's face it, without Him, none of this would be possible, by myself, nor any other artist in this industry"

As the times prgressed, so did Anthony...

Enter the "virtual age"

PC's were everywhere doing everything, and this was yet another niche that Anthony found comfortable to him.

"I took some time away from music and enrolled in a MCSE course along with an A+ course, at this time I was about to totally abandon music all together, but something told me to 'just hang in there, this is going to benefit you as a musician'."

Anthony finally discovered that, with the right software you can have a "virtual" recording studio in your home

"I purchased 'FL Studio', 'Cool Edit Pro', and 'Cakewalk Pro Audio 9', and as for my guitar (a single coiled Strat Copy) I also purchased a DigiTech RP200 and the DigiTech GNX 1. Now let me just add that before I got 'Cool' and 'Cakewalk' I was using a Fostex X-12 4 track cassette recorder. Once again thinking that, with that (Fostex), and FL Studio, that I could make a pro-grade demo. Alas, once again I was plagued with limits only being able to do 4 tracks when some compositions I had within myself called for more."

This brings us to where we are today with this up and coming artist. His debut CD on the "Finyl Cut Communications" label (his own) entitled "Distant Lands" has received a resounding "nod" of approval by both national as well as international listeners alike. His soon to be released sophmore effort "I Create..." shows a new direction in growth and potential.