Anthony Pepi

Anthony Pepi

 Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

My music is easy to listen to kind of music. If you want to relax at night, just turn on my music and it will ease your mind. My music is soothing, also people can relate to it, mostly about relationships. I compare my style to Richard Marx, Michael Buble, and Lionel Richie.


My name is Anthony Pepi and I am a singer/songwriter. My style is Soft Rock and Pop also contemporary. I get my influences from Elton John, Celine Dion, Michael Buble, Billy Joel, Barry Manilow, and Josh Groban. I had a lot of opportunities to perform at variety shows, church settings, fundraising events, talent shows, Competitions also I had the chance to sing in a chorus behind Elton John at the opening kick-off of the Patriots in 2004 which we got to prerecord at Symphony Hall. What sets me a part from other musicians is that now-a-days everybody is into the techno, rap, and possibly heavy metal but I feel my music will be around for a very long time because I have that easy going style and I think people will like that about me. I attend Berklee College Of Music and coming here is helping me become a better musician and also a person. I am a solo artist but I do have people play with me but I go by my name. As a musician I try to play as many gigs as I can. All my songs are very inspirational and it can touch a lot of people throughout the world in so many ways. All my songs have a message to say, mostly about love, which is my forte. I am a simple guy with simple songs but a good message I feel, which that is all it needs to be a hit.


You’re all I need
This Is Our Time
On Our Way To L.A.
That’s Just Fine
I’m Not Leaving