Anthony Profits

Anthony Profits

BandHip HopSinger/Songwriter

Anthony exploits a diverse style that has yet to be heard in Hip-Hop. His music touches the working man,hustlers,and single mothers in a struggling economy.He has a wide variety of songs,ranging from crunk club bangers,smooth jazz tracks for the ladies,to stimulating music for grown adults!


I started out selling music out the trunk seven years ago,with money made I opened several different companies that introduced me to a wide range of characters that live different ,yet have a lot in common.Im a businessman that rap,that came from the streets,I have songs for everybody!


radio single-"still have love",mixtapes-"strategic marketing","doedy and rentals", albums-"move naptown style","welcome to the 317",coming this summer-"night and day"

Set List

It depends on the venue/crowd.Crunk,then hip hop(freestyle about the audience) then a song for the ladies(a song for every age group)