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"Another Fatal Blow"

Cross Steely Dan with Stevie Wonder, add some Rufus and a little Randy Newman, and you'll have Anthony Robustelli's new CD. Reveling in its 1970s antecedents in spite of its digital-clean, 21st century studio timbre, the music bops and shivers like the best classic jazz-funk, decorated with hints of modern beats and samples.

Robustelli often records his vocals at a relatively low level, increasing the emphasis on his beats, keyboards, and icy electric guitar accents. (He plays most of the instruments himself). The quirky mixing sometimes gives me pause. It's got its own internal logic, I'm sure, but I can't always keep up with it. However, that's a pretty esoteric quibble about a very enjoyable album of well-crafted songs and tasty playing.

Highlights include the catchy "Half a Chance," the swinging, expressionistic "Charismatic Superman," and the soulful ballad "How Do You Say Goodbye," which seems to channel Leon Russell. An easygoing Southern soul vibe makes "Another Rant" a winner, and a brilliant sax solo by Deji Coker helps flesh out the sixteen-minute epic "And When We Tell You."

- Jon Sobel

"Surprise, surprise."

Before popping Grown Tired of the Con into my player, I peeked at the accompanying biographical information. I really shouldn't do that because I'm an admitted "judge a book by its cover" kind of guy.

I thought the picture of Anthony Robustelli in a overly shaggy fur collared coat, too-tiny smoked shades, and black watchcap was trying a bit too hard to cop some sort of cool look, as if a supposedly hip wardrobe might make up for a lack of musical talent.

Long story short, I dreaded pushing "play," convinced Rubustelli's music would suck.

To my delight, Grown Tired of the Con was the opposite of suck. In fact, I found myself paying close attention to Robustelli's collection of tunes that all displayed a good deal of creative artistry wrapped in a style I'll describe as funked-up Steely Dan.

Grown Tired of the Con, issued by Shady Bear Records, is ten Robustelli originals that combine an interesting mix of instrumentation with competent lyricism. Each song is enjoyable on its own, but in total they complement and unify, without being monotonous.

Jumping off with "Taste," one song hands neatly off to another, building to a peak on the sixth track called "The Way." From here, some sweet techno-bop intros "Even," then moves into the final three cuts that slow the pace a bit without losing momentum, demonstrating Robustelli's skill and awareness of the importance of artful packaging.

For more information, visit, or call Shady Bear Records at 917-328-6723. - 2 Walls Webzine - Mike Spinny


COMFORT IS SO RARE ...... 2000
ANOTHER FATAL BLOW ........ 2007
tracks from GROWN TIRED OF THE CON received national radio airplay



Anthony Robustelli is the epitome of a born musician. Though his primary instrument is keyboards, he is truly a multi-instrumentalist. Following his 2003 east coast tour in support of his independent release, Grown Tired of the Con, Anthony was asked to join the politically conscious and relentlessly touring band, Spearhead, with whom he worked for two years.

With his new CD, Another Fatal Blow, released January 2007, Anthony is now back stateside to focus on his first love -- his fans and his music.

In addition to his solo work and his recent work with Spearhead, Anthony has a number of tours and collaborations to his credit with artists including Bo Diddley, Kelly Price, Brian Jackson, and The Jungle Brothers. He has also opened for such groups as The Meters and The Charlie Hunter Trio. His musical style, which he describes as “Stevie Wonder meets Steely Dan” has gained him a varied fan base which includes such notables as famed New York City DJ Funkmaster Flex and indie film actor Peter Stromare (“Fargo,” “Minority Report,” “The Big Lebowski”).

Anthony is a prolific writer who, in addition to Another Fatal Blow, has three prior albums to his credit, Grown Tired Of The Con, Comfort is so Rare and a six-movement straight-ahead jazz suite, entitled Travels of a Lost Soul. He also co-wrote the score for the critically acclaimed independent film “Hitman’s Handbook” and the award-winning PBS documentary “Off the Curb.” When not on the road, he presides over Shady Bear Productions, his multi-faceted recording facility based in New York City.

Anthony has a Bachelor's Degree in Jazz Performance and a Master's in Music Education from New York University.