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Anthony Shears

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Simply put, Anthony Shears, is a movement unto himself. From literally changing the face of urban music in Seattle with his trendsetting, redefining sense of style, Shears has welcomed the world to Seattle and begun his ascent to the top of rap's elite. Get down or lay down.


Name: Anthony Shears

Birthplace/Residence: Seattle, WA

Age: 21

Musical Inspirations/Influences: Andre (Outkast), L.L. Cool J, Tupac, Biggie, Nas, Jay Z, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Jimi Hendrix, Tom Delonge, Radiohead, Rivers Cuomo, E-40, D.J. QUIK, Scarface, T.I., Jadakiss

The 411:

If there's one edge the Shears Music Group has over all other Seattle Hip Hop, it's their marquee player, Anthony Shears. His incalculable innovation and creativity make for an awesome musical experience... Sheezy the playboy, Anthony the workhorse, Mr. Shears the company head... many personalities, One Man. There's no doubt this kid wants the throne. What distinguishes Anthony, the newest star to rise from Seattle’s Hip Hop scene is his unique approach to tackling real life issues, while offering the youthful bravado and street sensibility that characterize urban black life. Shears neither boastfully brags about his troublesome days, nor does he dogmatically preach at his listeners while lecturing them to live righteously. Instead, his lyrics are laced with ghetto-weary “been there, done that” sentiment that implies there is life beyond the block. Call him whatever you’d like, but Shears takes pride in being “every hood niggas hope.” He’s a living testimonial that even with the odds stacked against you, with the right mind frame and determination, anything is possible.

Shears has been slowly building up a reputation of innovation and originality. Welcome 2 Seattle is an appetizer for what’s to come. It has d.j. Phonetic exclusives like 'Old Cliché' and 'U Can't Hurt Me Anymore', previously slept-on tracks, throwback and newly dipped freestyles and remixes interspersed with Anthony’s Lebron-like youth and finesse. The freestyles are hot little diatribes setting the stage for what many consider the future of Seattle Hip Hop... "Be careful with that nonsense Mr…/I carry a chip bigger than three Shaquile O'Neal's and the Suge Knight nigga." On one of the last tracks Shears rhymes, "Damn, I'm so stylish/Please! I murder tracks like a Compton hair stylist/…I burn it down like Waco/I came for the cake though/I'm David Koresh/Nigga, I'm so Fresh." Lyrically, there aren’t many MC’s who can match Anthony’s dexterity, versatility, and ability to articulate everyday scenarios with such insight and understanding.

“Niggas feel the music because it’s real shit that happens everyday in the streets. With me, if it’s in a song, it really happened. Period,” Shears says. “But at the same time, it’s a different look at what’s going on. It’s not just guns, drugs, and words matching for the sake of rapping street shit. I tackle issues that niggas really grapple with. Real recognizes real. I guess that’s why everybody from Ivy League students to niggas doing twenty-five-to-life feel my songs.”

With the new project near completion, you can feel the anticipation building. My ENDtroduction is about growth, about growing as a person. Phonetic has grown musically, and I’ve grown as an artist” Shears says. “We believe in our hearts the Shears Music Group is a movement. For us, The Growth symbolizes the beginning of a movement. The music we make isn’t just music, it’s a lifestyle. On the flipside, the ENDtroduction also symbolizes the end of Seattle’s being the most slept on city as far as hip hop goes. We’re no longer trying to create our own sound or our own identity. We have a voice, and you will hear it. My ENDtroduction symbolizes the end of obscurity, both for myself and for the city of Seattle.”

Packed with high-octane beats produced by d.j. Phonetic, Shears crafted both Welcome 2 Seattle and The Growth: My ENDtroduction as if he were throwing out a lifeline to the many people trapped in seemingly hopeless situations. “Anthony Shears is for anyone who’s ever been through any kind of shit. It’s for anyone who’s ever been on the bottom and hustled to realize their dreams,” Phonetic says. One of the album’s many highlights is “Mea Culpa”, which Shears penned as an open letter to all the loved ones and friends that he’s hurt. “Mea culpa literally means an acknowledgment of a personal error or fault. I have many flaws, but that’s a part of who I am. This song looks at both sides of individual failings and mistakes – both what causes them and their long-term effects,” Shears says.

“I grew up in the same kind of neighborhood, doing a lot of the same things niggas work to escape or overcome”, he explains. “I’ve seen some ill shit in my life and lost a lot of people close to me. Since I’m not really the kind of nigga to sit down and explain or talk about my feelings, this song was an attempt at articulating what’s been going on.” When asked what exactly happened, Anthony replies, “Too much man, too much.” At the end of the last verse in “Mea Culpa” Shears raps, “…its more than just incest when family fucks family,” leading one to believe that there has been some major turmoil in the Shears family.


Resume: Mixtape Millennium Series Vol. 1 & 2, Midas: Gold & Platinum Touch, Back From the Dead Mixtape, Welcome 2 Seattle, Young Kush Presents… Justice Works

Set List

1. Introduction or SMG for ever mix
2. Freestyle (grew up a screw up)
3. We Grind
4. T.K.O.
5. Life Check
6. S.E.A.
8. Love Me
9. If You Only Knew
10.Mea Culpa
11. Introspection
12. Outtro
13. Tears Remix

Performance Time: 45min