Anthony Tyler

Anthony Tyler


The songs I write are stories. Writing songs today is more about the telling of an experience or an observation through the heart of someone who has been around and done a little. With an acoustic guitar or a full-blown band, the point is made.


"Two parts Bon Jovi. One part Jim Croce. A splash of Peter Frampton...with a Lurch chaser."
~ Anthony Tyler when asked to describe his musical style.

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Skaneateles, NY is more than a summer getaway for the rich and famous, including former President Bill and Senator Hillary Clinton. It’s also the hometown of Anthony Tyler, a gifted musician and a force to be reckoned with. Born Tyler Cole when Skaneateles was just a small town on one of the smallest Finger Lakes in upstate New York, Anthony picked up a guitar at age 4. It was true love at first sight, touch, and sound. He started taking acoustic guitar lessons when he was only 5 ½ years old, and was teaching others by the ripe old age of 16.

In 1989, his debut album, DON’T LOOK BACK, won him the attention of the Syracuse music scene. After hearing that album, Curb Records recording artist Benny Mardones met Anthony (then Tyler Cole) in late 1989, and invited him to tour with the band. Tyler played a blistering lead guitar and provided some soulful harmonies for Mardones through the spring of 1993. The new year, 1993, offered Tyler a much-needed break, and ended with the release of his second CD, titled BLACK CAT. This was a hard-rocking hit, and the fans were ready. He and his band, the Midnite Renegades, promoted the CD on television and radio spots, and played to enthusiastic crowds of panting women and their fist-pumping men throughout the northeast.

Some personal experiences after the tour caused Tyler to return to his acoustic roots, without the band. The result was a third CD in 1995, called HOME, which was a series of poignant love letters to his family. Tyler appeared on several television shows, accepted offers to drop by radio studios, provided his playing and producing skills to numerous other artists, and toured the eastern seaboard in support of HOME. His earliest fans embraced the new, all-acoustic style, and people who’d never heard his name before listening to HOME were now filling the audiences. Everyone wanted to check out the sensitive, long-haired guitarist with the pretty, yet powerful sound and the breathtaking lyrics. Tyler was surprised to learn that while he was touring, HOME was being played in more than 45 countries around the world.

After a long absence, Tyler released his fourth CD in 2003, titled IGNITION, fans and critics agreed that it was worth the wait. He had changed his name to Anthony Tyler in the interim, and no one was sure what to expect. The album reflected the artists’ new approach to his music and his rededication to his first love, the acoustic guitar. His lyrics were more heartfelt than ever, his harmonies richer, and his melodies more mature. It was a much more complete sound, more polished without being pretentious.

With a catalogue of over 200 original songs, several guitars, some clothes, and a U Haul full of dreams, Tyler has been spreading the news. He’s currently promoting his September '06 release Yesterday's News along with the full-length CD, titled IGNITION, the re-release of his first three CDs as the REISSUED COLLECTION, the four-disc box set titled SO FAR…, and The Originals, which contains the first three releases of his career in one set. Tyler has also begun recording his next studio effort which shows an entirely different side to the musician with a different type of concept album. Scheduled for release in 2007, this album will continue Tyler’s rich tradition of bringing his brand of music to the masses.

Tyler has been affiliated with Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI) for over 15 years, and is an Active member of the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI).

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Call of the Wild

Written By: Anthony Tyler

jimmy’s runnin’ like there’s no tomorrow
not cryin’ wolf like he’s done before
he’ll leave this town along with all his sorrow
not knowing what lies beyond that door

but that’s the chance he’s willing to take
to find his own life by making a break
he’s given all his best stilll he just can’t shake…the call of wild

the call of wild

regina’s dreaming while she cleaning the table
the lunchtime crowd slowly shuffles in
with thoughts of elvis, frankie and clark gable
she throws her apron in the garbage bin

and that’s the chance she’s willing to take
to find her own life by making a break
she’s given all her best stilll she just can’t shake…the call of wild

the call of wild
the call of wild

just when you thought
life had passed you by
a whisper with your name
reaches your heart
and says, “give it a try…
the wild’s yours to tame.”

yea, yea, yea…

the dreams i keep are the dreams that matter
i’ll always hold them just like a child
and when i’m feeling thin and rather scattered
i turn my ear to the call of the wild…

the call of wild
the call of wild
the call of wild

What I Once Dreamed

Written By: Anthony Tyler

i ran, i fell
i broke my heart
so foolish to think i’d found love

lie after lie
i thought it was real
only to be reminded

that i’d sworn that i
would never go back
and give of my heart so freely

through all of that pain
i stilll believed
that true love would one day find me

now i will hold on
and tonight i will dream
what i once dreamed

i will be strong
reminisce about dreams
that i once dreamed

one foot in
front of the other
every day more complete

childhood dreams and fantasies
all given back to me

so i will hold on
tonight i will dream
what i once dreamed

i need to be strong
to recall every dream
that i once dreamed

i turn to you
to look in your eyes
to find you’re fast asleep…
yet as you lie stilll
i can’t help but see
each and every dream
i now intend to keep…

so i will hold on
tonight i will dream
what i once dreamed

i will be strong
recollect all those dreams
that i once dreamed


Don't Look Back - The EP: 1989
Black Cat: 1993
Home: 1995
Ignition: 2003
Life Alone: Re-issue of Black Cat (2004)
Home Again: Re-issue of Home (2004)
So Far...: Box Set (2004)
The Originals (2003)
Springspree Compilation (2003)
Yesterday's News: September 2006
Single from Yesterday's News: Runaround with nationwide distribution.

Set List

Set lists are usually all original. Rarely are covers performed. Sets usually run one hour to an hour and a half in length.