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Something to Believe



“Mr. Wamble? That’s not me, that’s my dad!” Anthony thought the first time he heard a student try to get his attention. “I’m Tony, the drummer from Florida. The surfer, the adventurer, the people lover….and now computer/ music teacher in a little beachside town outside of Malibu, California. – Wow, I can’t believe that these great kids listen to such negative music. “ This realization is what inspired Anthony Wamble’s solo release Something To Believe.

Anthony grew up in beach towns in Hawaii, Florida and California. He sees music like the waves. “Some are beautiful and gentle while others are more intense and explosive.” It all began with a love of music. He wanted to learn how to play the loudest instrument that he could find, so Anthony fell for the drums. Not any drums, the bass drum in marching band (yeah he was a band geek). It was funny to see this skinny kid with a big drum… but it wasn’t long until he had his heart set on the quins – the most advanced drums in the drum line. Anthony was determined to go for it. So he Gerry rigged a drum set and he practiced morning noon and night. Anthony’s parents were divorced so he was alone a lot – which gave him the time he needed to excel in the drums. It wasn’t long before he worked his way up to the toms, then quads then quins.

Anthony found the home that he was craving when he connected with an audience when he was on stage. So he wanted to entertain people while playing good technical music. Anthony practiced tricks to show how much fun he was having playing music. It wasn’t long before he explored jazz and Scottish drums. He performed at Disney World, the Rose Parade he even won a national drum competition for marching band drum line solo drummer. He was on his way to a career as a drummer. Until his dad decided to send him to Long Beach California to live with his mom.

Anthony had to start over from scratch. He joined the marching band again. But this time he was a part of a new Long Beach music scene, he played in a band with a member of Mars Volta, he is featured in the intro of Sublime’s Bad Fish. (He’s the “how’s it going dude…tell Tony to turn the radio on” guy.) He jammed with members of Reel Big Fish. But his passion was his metal band, Melee. They gigged everywhere and had a huge local following. They called Anthony Animal (from sesame street) because he would literally play so hard that a cymbal or stick would break at every show. At the time he only played drums, but he was so frustrated at not being able to communicate with his band mates musically – so he picked up the guitar and taught himself how to play. Then he picked up the bass. Before he knew it, Anthony was picking up everything and playing. He already knew how to play most instruments in the marching band, and percussion. He became obsessed with finding new instruments and learning how to play them. He’s up to 33 instruments now.

Soon, Anthony moved from the back of the stage on a drum set to the front of the stage on a guitar…singing. Turns out that his soft voice did not go well with metal – but Anthony’s optimistic, positive personality kept coming through in his music. He is now a solo musician who loves to make music that students can listen to with their families, or just rock out to on their own with their friends. As Anthony puts it “I just try to capture the adventure and beauty of life and the human experience. My songs are like characters or friends in this journey. I want to illustrate, through music, that there is something to believe in and I hope that the community that builds around this music will go out and share the positive vibe in their communities as well! “