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"Anthony Z'sler; Smooth Sounds"

Anthony Z'sler; Smooth Sounds
Gregory Curry
Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Anthony Z'sler played the Olde Auburn Ale House Thursday March 10.
If you ask Anthony Z'sler (Zees - ler) what keeps him doing music he'll say "I've always had a passion for songwriting and seeing the reaction of people when I perform."

With his first visit to Auburn Z'sler, a 16 year music veteran with a day job, got to carry out his passion once more in front of a nearly full Olde Auburn Ale House Thursday March 3 with his band mate Rob McCurry.

This wasn't the first time he'd been in the area though; he played Soho in Columbus last May.

The performance started with a performance of some his original music off his first cd, Count The Stars, then he played a couple of cover tunes to draw the crowd into the performance. Once the crowd got into the show he began to play music that'll be featured on his new, untitled cd.

Z'sler is more than just a performer though on his first cd he did everything except for the mixing and mastering. Z'sler, a Newnan, Ga. resident, prefers performing with his full band but says he likes doing two man sets because he can take the money and use it in his career.

He also says it's a more intimate performance so he can really participate with the crowd more.

For more on Anthony Z'sler check out his website: and look for him in The Corner News music edition.

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"Special Concert Coverage"

CONCERT REVIEW by Mark E. Waterbury

Anthony Z’sler - Woodstock Coffee House - Woodstock, Georgia - June 25, 2005



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Some musicians just know there is a right way to do it. That is why you find Newnan, Georgia’s Anthony Z’sler in a tiny coffee house in Woodstock - still in suburban Atlanta but figuratively light-years away from Anthony’s home burb - on a warm early summer’s eve. A veteran with several area bands, Anthony had recently released his first solo CD “Count The Stars” and is road warrioring around the ATL and beyond spreading the gospel of his singer/songwriting talents, both with his band and in solo and duo capacities. This June evening found Anthony joined by guitarist/background vocalist and good friend Rob. From the first moments of the show until the final notes faded, you realized that Anthony respects the performance aspect of the right way to do it. With an emotive voice that has a Dave Matthews inflection but far more melodic, Anthony is a dynamic performer who exudes the feelings and subtle intensities of his music on stage. He doesn’t have to jump around and wield his guitar like a lightsaber to accomplish this. Nevertheless, you can feel the power of the music radiating from him and into the audience. Original songs like the sweetly passionate “All The Time,” the uplifting toe tapping title track from “Count The Stars” and ethereal Coldplay feel of “Fade Into Me” transfer quite well into the stripped down coffee house atmosphere. Beyond the originals, Anthony and Rob interjected unique and enjoyable interpretations of songs from the likes of Bob Marley and even Neil Diamond. Both Anthony and Rob also displayed their acoustic guitar talents, adding to the show’s intrigue. It is apparent that Anthony won some new fans that evening, which proves that, yes, he is doing it the right way. Obviously comfortable on stage, and with the mantra that no matter what the size of the crowd you lay it on the line every time you plug in your six string and step to the mic, Anthony’s highly enjoyable music and captivating live performances should make him a burgeoning presence on the Atlanta music scene and beyond for many years to come.
- Music Morsels

"Coweta singer hits Big Apple"

Coweta singer hits the Big Apple
Published 5/10/04
"I hope listeners take from my music a piece of my life and make some sense out of theirs," says Anthony Z'sler, a Coweta County-based singer/songwriter who cut his first CD.
Z'sler's album, entitled Count the Stars, was completed in February; and the artist has been busy since playing local gigs as well as shows in Atlanta, Griffin and Carrollton. This weekend, he hit New York City, playing at the city's oldest bar, The Bitter End in Greenwich Village, on Friday and starting a tour of CD release events and promotions.
"I'm excited," he said of the trip to New York. "I'm trying to treat it just like every show; but then again, there will be a bunch of people there who have never heard me before.
A self-taught guitarist and vocalist, Z'sler started writing songs in 1990 and describes his sound as "pop fusion." He writes his lyrics from deeply personal experiences.
"I think music's a part of life and soul-searching kind of thing," said Z'sler, 30. "It can either help people or destroy people. I try to write to make people happy, I try to write stuff like that; but at the same time, I've never had people come up and say my music's too happy."
Referring to Count the Stars, he mentioned that the songs and lyrics are based on "a personal thing that happened in his life" but did not go into detail about the experiences. He also chooses to not interpret his own lyrics too literally; he'd rather let the listener offer his or her own take.
"I feel like it should present itself," he said of the album, which contains 12 tracks.
The writing process, according to Z'sler, is a wave that comes over him -- whether he's in the middle of cutting the grass or having dinner with his wife Amy. The rush hits him, and he has to write down his thoughts at that moment.
"It's not something I sit down and try to do," he said. "It just comes to me. I refer to this CD as one chapter in my life."
When asked what's more important in writing a song -- the melody or the lyrics -- he answered, "That's a hard question. I'd say that if the melody's there, it'll make the listener interested in what I have to say."
Z'sler was born in East Point and raised in Riverdale. He moved to Coweta County in 1986 and attended East Coweta High School, where his love of music originated as a member of the school's marching band. At that point, he began teaching himself lead guitar, vocals and soon started writing music. He later attended Griffin Technical College, where he received a degree in drafting and design.
"I did that mostly to stay on my parents' insurance," joked Z'sler of his college experience.
But his work at Griffin Tech was not futile. With his recording and performing as one full-time job, he has another full-time job as an electrician -- work he's been doing for about four years.
Z'sler spent four years playing in the local band NUFA. He added that band members were approached by several record labels but turned down the offers, because "he felt like he was supposed to."
Other musical experience comes from playing in youth group bands with his wife, and once he became solo, Z'sler began playing at local bars and restaurants, like Loco's and the former Purple Possum in Newnan, and Martini's in Peachtree City. Since then, he's expanded to Atlanta, playing Eddie's Attic and Front Page News. And upcoming shows include performances at Smith's Olde Bar in Atlanta, Griffin Tech, the State University of West Georgia, and Sanctuary in Atlanta, to name a few. In addition, Z'sler will be playing Cafe Blu in downtown Newnan on Friday, May 14 at 8 p.m.
The artist views his CD as a gift for his fans. "I did it when I saw the reactions from the people who came to open mic nights at Loco's and Purple Possum," he said. "Most artists spend a lot of time touring and struggling to get their names out; I wanted to take a different approach and cut my CD while playing shows at the same time."
Z'sler recorded Count the Stars at a studio in Atlanta that has also been used by Atlanta-based hit-maker John Mayer as well as fellow Atlanta singers Shawn Mullins and contemporary Christian group Third Day.
He looks up to a few current artists, noting the late Michael Hedges for his acoustic solo work, guitar playing and "melodic overtones."
"I'd say he's like my main influence," said Z'sler of Hedges, who was killed in a car crash in 1997. "But most people compare me to Dave Matthews with the instrumentation, so I guess that's true."
Other admired artists for the local musician include Sting and Dolores O'Riordan, lead singer of popular alternative Irish band, The Cranberries, who peaked in the 1990s.
In general, Z'sler sees a rise in independent artists in the music industry today, and that's a good thing in the eyes of the local musician.
"Independent music is starting to grow," he said. "Most of the music out there right now isn't really music; it's selling people, manufacturing someone. But a lot of independent artists are starting to pursue a career on independent labels that are growing and eventually get picked up by big labels."
Z'sler's true inspiration in continuing to make music comes from his fans.
"My favorite part is seeing the reaction on people's faces and hearing what they think about my music," he said. "One person interpreted [Count the Stars' final track, "Which One Are You"] as, a lot of people are scared of change, but some people are willing to take risks in life. Others just want to be comfortable. I think I'm the risk-taker. I'm never satisfied, and that's what really drives me."
Z'sler is managed by Brian Grecu and Amy Schlosser of TAG Records. For more information on the artist and his upcoming shows, visit
- newnan times herald

"Catch some Z'sler"

Catch some Z'sler
Anthony Z'sler's press biography compares the Atlanta singer-songwriter to the likes of Coldplay and Dave Matthews .
I guess I can hear that -- in that he favors an acoustic guitar like Matthews and his breathy voice can have that echoey, boomy Coldplay vibe.
But Z'sler (pronounced ZEE-slur) is his own man. So don't expect his songs to actually sound like those other bands'. He performs at the SoHo Bar & Grill tonight.
It should be a night of good, atmospheric, acoustic-based pop music.
His online site is, if you want to check out some of his tracks. Start with "All the Time."
He'll play at 10:30 p.m., and there's a $5 cover. SoHo is at 5751 Milgen Road. Details: 568-3316.
- columbus ledger

"Album Capsules"

Album Capsules
Reviews by Mark E. Waterbury

Anthony Z'sler - Count the Stars

Atlanta area singer/songwriter Anthony Z'sler's first true solo effort shines featuring songs brimming with life experience emotions. "All The Time" showcases Anthony's voice that has an ethereal Tom Petty meets Chris Martin quality, backed by music in a comforting midground between Dave Matthews Band and Coldplay. The dreamy "Fade Into Me" also lends a glimpse at Anthony's innovative prowess on the acoustic guitar. An obvious talent that we well be hearing much more of if this disc is any indication. URL: E-mail:
- Music Morsels

"Get out"

Thursday, February 17, 2005
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Z'sler brings acoustic originals, covers to the Barrel

Get Out


Anthony Z'sler performs

When: 10 p.m. Feb. 18

Where: The Monkey Barrel, 115 Washington St. S.E., Gainesville

Admission: Free

Information: (770) 287-0970

His voice cried out from the wilderness of country honky tonks in a little west Georgia town. And the people liked it.

"Newnan is a hard town for this kind of music," Anthony Z'sler said.

He described his hometown as "a country type of town" where his blend of pop, reggae, jazz, bluegrass and Latin styles clashed with established norms.

He said homefolks have given him a "pretty good" reception.

Z'sler will try out his music in Gainesville Feb. 18 at The Monkey Barrel.

He said he will double up with another guitarist, Charlie Gilbert, to offer acoustic sets of originals from his new CD, "Count the Stars."

He plans to flow in some cover tunes from contemporary hit-maker Coldplay, reggae legend Bob Marley and 1960s pop artist Neil Diamond, among others.

The 31-year-old Z'sler, who adopted an apostrophized version of his Austrian grandfather's name, "Ziesler," drew inspiration for his new CD from two years of personal struggle.

"It was a 'there must be a light at the end of the tunnel' type of thing," he said.

The songs that sprang from that period of darkness hit a light, but emotional nerve touching on love, relationships and hope.

The sound, more pop than rock, is similar to Dave Matthews, with a nod toward Atlanta solo artist John Mayer and more obscure singer-songwriter Joseph Arthur, heard often on all-acoustic radio shows.

Z'sler said he is working to hone his vocal skills, which "do not come as natural" to him as playing guitar and songwriting do.

He began playing guitar at age 15 and performed with the band NUFA prior to going solo for acoustic open mics in Newnan.

He played host to singer-songwriter open mics and developed a fan base in the Newnan area prior to recording his CD.

"I consider ('Count the Stars') a chapter in my life. The songs were written during a hard time in my life and inspired by events in those years," he said.

He said his lyrics express his feelings better to loved ones than do spoken words.

Songs sometimes rush into his mind like waves, he added.

"I never pick up a guitar and try to write. When I do that, nothing happens ... Most of the time I hear a melody, sit down and try to copy it on guitar." His songs often emerge in pairs.

Z'sler said his main goal with his music "is to bring a light-hearted mood" and "positive messages" to audiences.

He added he would like to be able to give up his day job in electrical design to be a full-time musician.


Originally published Thursday, February 17, 2005

- Gainesville times


12 song LP - "Count the Stars"


Feeling a bit camera shy


Born and raised in the metro Atlanta area, Anthony Z’sler began his musical journey at the age of 15. The first time he picked up the guitar, he knew (just like meeting his soul mate) that he was destined to write and play music. For the next few years he played in different bands, using this opportunity to develop a unique personal style. In early 2003, while playing local acoustic gigs, he realized that he wanted to pursue a career as a solo artist. A few months later he began the tireless effort of recording his first solo project.

Consisting of 12 songs, this LP is loaded with heart driven hair raising melodies that touch on love, relationships and faith. “I’m a sucker for a catchy melody, but it has to have a nice groove behind it,” says Anthony. In songs on his debut album entitled “Count the Stars”, you’ll find nothing less.

The title song describes a personal journey and asks the life question many of us struggle with…..“What are my reasons for not doing what I love?” Anthony answers that question throughout his music and also says, “Why would I not do what I love, for your treasure will be where your heart beats. There is no excuse, if I don’t try I’ll never know.” ‘Trying’ is an understatement for this album. For those who love a rhythmic acoustic guitar with dancing musical melodies around a very percussive beat, you won’t be disappointed. “I write songs that reflect me personally because it’s the best way to express myself. Songwriting is like a journal put to music to add emotion and color.”

Anthony’s songwriting has developed into an even blend of different styles of music. He can’t pinpoint where his influences come from, he believes they’re just in his blood. Styles include pop, reggae, jazz, brazilian, latin, and bluegrass. “Not all listeners will hear these styles in my music because I don’t use them in traditional ways. Most of the time they arrive by surprise in subtle variations.” One thing’s for sure, Anthony’s consistent style keeps his fans interested.

“This album isn’t just a collection of music I wrote, it was a chapter in my life that began like this....”