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Everything LP



"Everything" was birthed when Brooklynite singer/songwriter Adam Weiss, multi-instrumentalist Jason Desiderio and guitarist Matt Schaefer passed four days of one pleasantly gloomy fall week of 2009 in Tonmeister Studios (Fredonia, NY). The three met with the desire to create something better than unlistenable for the already ubiquitous indie music scene. With the proper blend of French-press coffee, analog recording gear, instruments and heaps of whiskey, "Everything" was off to a start.

During the following two months, recording progressed in Matt and Jason's home studio in Buffalo while the persistent winter raged on, keeping the city a perpetually shaken snow globe. Perhaps it was the tumultuous nature of this storm that provided the necessary inspiration for the work that was being done during this seemingly endless stretch of time … or just as likely it was the brass sewage pipe that carefully dissected the studio's control room.

These recording sessions continued up until the moment Jason and Matt, unkempt and gear-laden, caught a four month flight to London. It was in this city that "Everything" pupated. Thanks to Hugh Padgham's generous contribution of free overnight recording time at Sofa Sound Studio, Matt and Jason were able to experiment with a grand selection of recording equipment and instruments.

Upon their return to the new world, antics pushed on to diversify their creation by inviting longtime friend Cory Morrow to add a garnish of brass and winds, completing the tracking process.

When Matt decided that he hadn't had enough of London or its redolent women, he returned to the land of kings to mix the album during a second string of overnight sessions at Sofa Sound Studio. Due to the marvel of internet video, Adam and Jason approved the mixes stateside at 300 kilobytes per second.

When the band permanently relocated to Brooklyn, NY in the summer of 2010, good friend and all-state quarterback Grant Schulte bought a fetching white bass guitar. His eccentric personality and zest as a successful guitarist provided a tighter bottom end than antics could have ever dreamed.

And then there was Ian. After months of diligent rehearsals, Adam, Jason, Matt and Grant collectively became conscious of the fact that they were practicing without drums. In September 2010, they did what every band in need of a drummer does: show up at the rehearsal space early and offer beer to anyone willing. Ian Carroll was the clear choice with his striking ability to attract every person.

"Everything" congealed in autumn 2010 when antics joined Matt Modula of East Side Sound for mastering. Upon completion, the album was released to the world for free via and immediately received high praise from some family members and best friends.

Currently, antics is writing a new album and preparing for a hot summer full of performances.